Spiritual Amnesia

This and Other Realities:

Spiritual Amnesia

There is a Spiritual Purpose for our Spiritual Amnesia when we are born. That Purpose is a Fresh Start. It is part of God’s, Life’s, Process for our Spiritual Evolution here on this Planet. We Forget in order to Remember in this Realm of Duality.

In the Process of Remembering our Spirit, our true and essential Nature as Beings of Spirit, Divine Energy, and the Great Oneness of All Life, some of us awaken to Remembrance of other Lifetimes of Experience. We get visual images, like Yogananda, or simply Direct Knowings of our Soul’s ‘past’, of places or events or people in our life in the ‘present’. This goes beyond mere wishful thinking of wanting to have ‘lived the life’ of someone famous or ‘exciting’.

(Remembering ‘past lives’ is further complicated by the Soul’s ‘Diamond Nature’ of being able to express the Divine Nature by having many Aspects, Individuations, Facets expressed or lived at the same time- the same as well as other Timelines.)

Life cannot die. It is formless and genderless and eternal. Life expresses Itself in many Forms and It ‘Recycles’- It ‘Trans-forms’.

Our Souls- our Energy Units- are Divine. We come from our Creator- our Source- our ‘Spiritual Home’- and we Return Home. We Return to the Great Oneness and become once again Heaven Itself. As Individualized Units of Life Energy, however, we have Free Will Choice to either ‘Stay Home’ or Continue On in our Spiritual Adventures.

When here on Earth, Remembering our Soul’s ‘past lives’ can be an aid in our Spiritual Evolution. It can help us to understand relationships, circumstances, challenges and opportunities in our ‘here and now’ present life experiences. It is part of the Process of growing Awareness piercing the limitations of Personal Ego- Personality and Personal Mindset and Beliefs influenced by such things as Family and Culture.

Soul has no ‘gender’- neither male nor female- the ‘relationship naming’ of ‘son’ or ‘daughter of God is merely a ‘naming tool’ we humans have created to indicate ‘connection’ to our Life Source. The Spirit of Life is Formless yet can take on Any Form. Forms are ever-changing Energy which ‘appears’ and ‘disappears’, ‘trans-forming’. Our bodies and our lives do this whether we are Aware or not.

When contemplating Spiritual Amnesia this morning, the story of Jesus came to mind.

At the birth of Jesus, in the Spring- not December, three Spiritual Kings- three Spiritual Masters- three Magi from the East came bearing gifts for the ‘newborn King’. Their gifts symbolized their understanding of his life’s Spiritual Purpose and also to acknowledge the Return of the King to his Land.

I’ll ‘owl-ways’ believe that Jesus was the reincarnation of King Melchizedek, the former King of the ‘city-state’ called Jeru- Salem, the City of Peace. When King Melchizedek ruled Jerusalem, it was known as the City of Peace because all warring factions could not enter with weapons. It was a place of Truce then, recognized and respected by the people of that time.

As King Melchizedek was known as ‘the King of Peace’, so too- Jesus, the Spiritual King, was later known as ‘the Prince of Peace’. At the visit of the Three Kings, the Magi, the infant Jesus was acknowledged as a King reborn. That he was not later recognized- and even feared as a threat- by those in political and religious power, those being the local representatives of the then ruling Romans and the influential religious authorities of the Judaic Branch of the Israelite Tribes- all ignorant of who he was, does not negate the fact that he was the reincarnation of King Melchizedek.

The ‘Messiah’ these people imagined to come and save them from Roman Occupation was to be a ‘War Lord’- a ‘War Lord’ to conquer their enemies and to rule the World. King Melchizedek, the King of Peace, and Jesus, the Spiritual King- the ‘King/Prince’ of Peace- was not the Messiah War Lord they had imagined and expected. “…they know not what they do.”

As a ‘Spiritual King’- Jesus knew and understood his Spiritual Divinity, his Divine Nature, as had many Spiritual Masters before and after. He Remembered His Spirit, the Divine Nature and Essence within him and within all humans (whether aware, awake and remembering their own Spiritual Nature or still in Spiritual Amnesia- not knowing Who They Are and even in hostile denial of this Great Truth.)

His Soul-Selected Mission was to Remind others of their own Spiritual Nature, their Spirit, and the Peace of God within. Inner Peace creates outer Peace. His Mission was not to add to all the Needless Suffering of humans and other creatures. All suffering and pain that has been created in his name since has been Needless and based in mistaken understandings and false beliefs. No one ever needed to harm others or themselves in any way in his name. No one ever needed to harm others or themselves in any way in the many names we refer to God as Creator, Life Itself. So much Needless Suffering!!!

Kings and Queens symbolize the power, majesty and glory of Spirit, not as ‘Mastery Over Others’ but as Self-Mastery, the true Goal and Remembrance of every Soul ‘Knowing Thy Self ’becomes Aware of Its true Divine Nature, the Omnipresence of God, the Great Oneness of All Life, the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and Peace within us.

November 12, 2021
Shelley Wilson


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