Dancing With Crocodiles

When dancing with Crocodiles

beware their sharp and deadly teeth,

like malicious and ignorant gossips

spreading lies like viral news,

ever intent to bite you hard

whatever you might say or do.

When dancing with Crocodiles

watch your steps where they wish to lead

hoping you’ll fall and bleed

to feed their perverse appetites.

Move in awareness with the flow

of forces stronger than you know

who prey that you will die,

a weakened, willing sacrifice.

When dancing with Crocodiles

tune in to their thoughts- strange,

indifferent, defiant of any change

that weakens their hold on power

to dominate their world of fear.

(This is a dance of life and death.

Use your instincts and insight to understand

this hostile world that they command.

If you thought they could ever love you,

it would soon become quite clear

their nature twists and rolls with wild control.

At anything appearing weak,

in many a tale, their tails will strike

what they don’t understand.)

When dancing with Crocodiles,

your strategy may even be wise

to project your own disguise,

dancing as one of them and

using the powers of mind

until they give you no mind

as you pass to the other side.

When dancing with Crocodiles

like ancient Initiates of long ago,

you must surrender, let go, all fears

to move through and understand them

in ways that will not harm,

even surrendering to death if you must.

Your Spirit is ever Eternal.

The Crocodile Dance will end.

In Life’s Process of Evolution,

in Revolution and Extinction of Species,

Life’s Process is Constant, Continual Change.

November 29, 2021- Shelley Wilson


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