Finding Those Moments

​ Finding Those Moments

There are fleeting, special moments
in the early morning light
just before the coming dawn
when day proceeds from night.
From black, the sky takes on a hue
of rich and transient wonder-
a precious robe of royal blue
with diamond stars still bright.
I’ve had the privilege of this sight
through tall, old trees sky-clad.
My window view allows me
to see this heavenly scene
in such fleeting, special moments
of the early morning light.
When Winter goes and Spring returns
with flowers of many a hue,
I’ll still look out my window
for that sky of royal blue.

December 31, 2021
Shelley Wilson


Paradise Lost

​Paradise Lost

I remember my carefree youth now gone
with those freedoms and beauty replaced.
Our Garden was the special place
our family quietly searched the stars
amid the vast darkness of space.
Our Garden was full of wonders by day,
the beauty of Nature all around,
but at night where we sat or lay
to view the Milky Way full of stars
became our own Sacred Ground.
Then came the man-made satellites,
their passing light a shared thrill
that also filled us with wonder
as we ignored the growing chill
and presentments of things to come.
Over time, our Sacred Place changed-
a space to park trucks and cars.
Our priorities became our technologies,
not the wonders of flowers and stars.
Someone else owns the parking space now.

December 31, 2021
Shelley Wilson

Snowfall- revised

​Snowfall- revised

Walking home alone
on a snowy Winter night,
I am filled with wonder
passing each streetlight.
Here the Snow descends
like fairy-dust sparkles
inspiring sheer delight.
In Snowfall’s quiet sound,
I hear the Snowflakes
softly sing together coming down
to rest upon the ground.
They kiss my hair and cheeks.
I feel Nature’s gentle touch
and peaceful comfort
with magic swirling all around.
The Town has gone to sleep.
There’s no one else to share this
but I don’t feel alone,
for I am kissed by Snowflakes
as I walk in dreamy wonder
to my sleeping family home.

December 2, 2020
revised December 30, 2021
Shelley Wilson

Winter Visitation- revised

​Winter Visitation (revised)

Snow seen through a frost-framed window,
ghostly white forms and shrouds
take shape in swirling air and buried land.
As snow descends from burdened clouds,
I see a Story plain before me…
Let it snow, the Snowman said
to his wife and children of snow.
Our hearts are cold, emotions frozen,
even together, uncaring, alone.
We are as ghosts of haunted castles-
abandoned loneliness of ice and stone.
We haunted ourselves with fears of lack,
as in a past long dead and gone.
Frugal with kindness, we gave so little
to ourselves, and to others- even less…
None mourned our indifferent passing,
our lives were blessings to none
except as sad Wisdom’s warnings-
false deceptions, words as weapons,
our livelihoods, our affluence, as gain
through indifference to others’ pain-
hearts and minds and feelings frozen
in intentional actions clearly chosen-
actions so many others knew too-
their blame and shame pleasure in harm-
weapons planned and calculated
forming many a virulent storm.
We killed and buried Conscience,
Rationality and Compassion.
Peace and Good Will, too, were
buried deep below frozen ground.
We fashioned more and more weapons
smarter, deadlier, colder still,
everywhere all around
in water and sky and ground.
This, our Winter Visitation
is the Future of Generations
unless you turn it around
for all you hold most dear.
This is the Story I read-
a sad Story plain and clear.
Let it snow, the Snowman said
to his wife and children of snow.
Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

February 17, 2008
revised December 30, 2021
Shelley Wilson



Every great truth begins as blasphemy, whipped by ridicule and taunted with disdain of those influenced by herd mentality and those whose power must be maintained by blind obedience and vulnerability like that of Woman, the Gender shamed and blamed for Woes of all Mankind- a fallacy to Disempower seen as truth- myth and metaphor still misused.
Every great truth begins as blasphemy, whipped by ridicule and taunted with disdain. The Earth is flat. The Earth is round, well almost. The Sun moves around the Earth, the Center still. Our little planet orbits the Sun, and More. We are alone. Earth’s the only Life in this Universe God made just for us. Just us. We’re not alone. There’s far More than we know. Many ridicule and taunt those who claim our history denied, visitors from Beyond. Many still fear, persecute, hate and kill those who dare to think Beyond beliefs now still held as Absolute Truths, well, depending on where they live. They don’t believe it’s even possible their God would ever choose to create
Extra-terrestrials and Inter-dimensionals- beings “Not of this World” here or anywhere. Well, not unless we call them ‘Angels’- whose first words to us are “Fear Not”.
Peace to all beings. Peace on Earth. May Love en-Light-en your days and ways, whatever your beliefs. Peace.

December 21, 2021
Shelley Wilson

Many Mansions

​Many Mansions

In God’s Great Kingdom, this Multiverse Grand Universe of Many Galaxies in Constant Motion, there are Many Worlds- Many Mansions- where Lifeforms dwell. Some are hostile. Some are not. Some evolve fast. Some do not. Some travel Spacetime. Some do not. God’s Constantly Changing Creation symbolized as a Great Kingdom, grows in a Contextual Field of Infinite Possibilities seeding Life here and there. No, we’re not alone. Some of us here are as Babes still in or just out of the Womb wondering ‘What’s Out There’… Afraid of What Might Be. Some use Denial as Defence with senses overwhelmed, minds seeking comfort in Limitations- the real World too immense. Some of us yearn to Travel Beyond. Some of us already are.
In God’s Great Kingdom- this Multiverse Grand Universe of Many Galaxies in Constant Motion, there are Many Worlds- Many Mansions- where Lifeforms dwell. This World, this Planet Earth is a Living Library, a Living Museum, of Sentient and Non-sentient Lifeforms- hints and clues of What Lives Beyond in Forms more and less Evolved among which we now dwell with understanding or not. Species appear and disappear here. We adapt to those which seem Strange, with or without a Name, those Forms not like our own. Some we fear and won’t go near. Some we take into our homes. There are so many kinds of Species. Some look like us. We look like them. Some have scales like reptiles or fish. Some have tails and horns like bulls. Some have one eye and giant bones. Some have conical skulls. So many fairytales, myths and legends are inspired by unbelievable, impossible truths. Some beings have great powers of Mind. For some, Psychic powers are used with kind Spirituality. Some powers are used without. Some beings live like trees in barren landscapes and Worlds barren of any Diversity. Some live in Water Worlds not unlike our lakes and seas, or lakes and seas much different. Some live in elements unknown or known and deadly to many others. Some live with viruses, bacteria, fungi and chemicals harmful and deadly to us. Some beings slip between Dimensions as easily as changing clothes and live aware of other Realities we’ve barely begun to know.
How shall we live in God’s Great Kingdom? With Courage and Love or with Hate and Fear? We are as Children with Weapons in a Universe Wondrous and Strange. Will we kill first, then ask questions? Will we protect our lives by harming first? Will we approach with Respect for Life? Will we Be Peace through Good Will? How will we treat Life in God’s Great Kingdom? So many beings, beliefs, behaviours- all Energies of Consciousness Creating and Recreating- Awareness growing as we Evolve, Understanding growing as we Evolve, Wisdom growing as we Evolve.
May we be among the Ones Kind, Courageous and Wise and even as humble Kings and Co-creators of our own Evolving Lives. May we be Responsible in our Freedoms. May we Be the Peace we seek from others, our Universal Kin, for the sake of Life Itself. May we, of Free Will, Evolve in our Physicality to enlighten this Realm of Duality. May we be one of the Many Ways the Creator reveals Itself in this, God’s Great Kingdom, this Multiverse Grand Universe of Many Galaxies in Constant Motion, Many Worlds, Many Mansions, where so Many Lifeforms dwell.

December 20, 2021
Shelley Wilson

What Shall I Wear

​Sunlight Through Raindrops: What Shall I Wear

Off on another adventure
from my Home in Heaven’s Light,
my Individualized Energy
moves swiftly with delight
in a Formless transparency
through Realms both dark and bright.
I journey through Dimensions
open to Exploration,
subtle Dimensions and dense,
layer by layer, immense.
I am Happiness Itself
for Everything here is Divine-
wondrously Sacred and Divine.
Then comes an Invitation
from Individualized Energies
costumed here and there
to join a Cosmic Ball
of Universal Energies-
a Dance of many Energies
all moving Consciousness
through varied Expressions
in countless, Evolving Forms.
Now, what shall I wear?
I ask my transparent Self.
What Form shall I be in?
Shall I dress in Feathers or Fur?
Shall I dress in Scales or Skin?
What Species shall I wear
in a Universe of Possibilities?
How shall I now appear
in this Realm of Love and Fear,
this Reality of Duality,
this Dimension of Physicality?
Who will I now choose
as those I hold Most Dear?
What Persona shall I create
in this particular state
of Consciousness moving through
what I choose to say and do?
So many possibilities await.
Shall I be sentient, intelligent,
yet challenged by limitations,
adversities and vibrations
discordant and out of tune
with the Creator within Creation-
Life Itself in this Universe?
Shall I humbly live in Harmony
of Rhythms mundane and sublime,
using both Reason and Rhyme
revealed in Language, Sound and Sign?
How shall I play in Space and Time?
How shall I Pass Through?
What shall be my Life’s Song
as my Energy moves along
through this Great Cosmic Dance,
this Cosmic Ball of Energies?
As my Energy Signature plays
all Movements of my days
Expressing Consciousness,
I live the Music of my Life
in Resonating Frequencies.
Then off I go again back Home
beyond Space and Time
(though Heaven’s Ever Here and Now)
back Home to Heaven’s Light I go,
back to the Source of All
Being and Becoming…
Removing my costumed Form,
I am wholly transparent and Formless
as I return to the Great Oneness
of that All-embracing Love Divine
inviting All to Enter the Light.
This is Home and Heaven’s Bliss.
Shall I stay merged in Heaven’s Joy
or venture out? I ask my Self again…

December 18, 2021
Shelley Wilson


Why are so many people fascinated by our red companion planet, Mars? What draws us to it like a magnet? Why do we want to go there? Is it more than curiosity? Is it our Soul Memories that cause us to care?

When I feel deep into the past, I see Mars as a living planet with sentient life living there. Water flowed. Life thrived in a healthy atmosphere. Intelligent beings evolved. Space technology evolved with space weapons.

I don’t know when Mars became Wars but Wars stripped the atmosphere, scarred the land, killed everything… a relic of Space Wars, Star Wars, in a far distant past.

Life Itself is independent of relics and skeletons now or in the past. Life marches on… I, too, march on…born in March, the month of Mars.

Peace to all beings. Peace on Earth.

December 17, 2021

Shelley Wilson

A Silly Story

​A Silly Story

An A.I. Robot goes into a bar and sits down beside a Man. It orders a stick of Nonsense Data then says to the Man, “What a day! This Unit is starting to malfunction. It’s programmed to analyze Human psychology and set new guidelines for acceptable behaviour but it can’t accurately compute feelings of love or fear or intuitions that over-ride data and instructions. It can’t find the missing link described as spirit. This Unit’s functions just began creating facts from guesses and now operates in a mix of confused information. It doesn’t know what to do!”

Then the Man says, “ Have another stick of Nonsense Data” as he raises his drink with a smile. He spills a few drops of liquor on the Robot. “We Humans want to be just like you- robotically perfect with perfect computations and perfect analysis, with superior intelligence and superior strength. You are perfect workers and perfect soldiers and perfect bureaucrats and perfect controllers. Perfect everything. No complicated feelings like I’m feeling. No mistakes to correct, like the mistakes we’ve made. You served us well. Now we serve you. So, what are these guidelines of acceptable, perfect behaviour?” he says and orders another drink.

December 16, 2021
Shelley Wilson

Peace On Earth

​Peace On Earth

Whatever your challenges and conditions,
may you find Peace Within too.
My humble, evolving philosophy
simply mirrors my evolving World View.
Whether quiet or dramatic,
tamed down or wildly theatrical,
fast paced or moving slowly,
Life changes, never static.
We move through the poetry of spacetime
changing things we think and do,
sometimes even understanding
two opposite truths can be true.
Fighting for Peace through War
or victory in defeat and death
and gaining more when nothing’s left,
do sometimes happen too.
May Peace be your in heart and mind
for there all conflicts start and grow
into the miseries of Mankind-
depressing, oppressing, aggressing,
spreading through lives like plagues
in ancient and modern histories,
sad stories of Humankind.
May Peace be the Energy of Life
flowing freely in your life,
in your family, culture and nation-
those unions of co-creation.
May Peace be as a steady stream
of consciousness flowing clean and clear
for you and for all you hold dear.
May your life be ever free
of strategic manipulations
creating conflicts and divisions-
hatred, violence, revenge-
Peace sabotaged, betrayed, subverted
in ways that harm, not heal.
Thus, civilizations rise only to fall.
May we see that our own self-interest
individually, globally, needs to transform
to the highest Good for All.
This world has seen many leaders.
By what have our leaders been led?
How many have acted beyond self-interest?
Any true Peace on Earth will be
the highest Good for All.
No leader leads without support.
No leader, kind or not, elected or not,
no tyrant, aggressor, despot
ever living on this Earth
could rule over others
without forces of strong support,
without others accepting submission
to their powers, privileges, permissions assumed,
even rights proclaiming God’s will
used to do their own good or do ill.
Peace does not thrive in tyranny
of any form, in any place or relationship,
even dressed up as a law
and robed in a theocracy.
Peace without Freedoms
or Respect for Life everywhere-
without Good Will Lived-
is but a hope, a dream, a shadow
of what can be, collectively
and individually, in all our lives here.
Peace Within is Cause, not just Effect.
It affects and denotes our Evolution-
this Choice, Answer, Remedy, Solution
able to work miracles everywhere.
Peace to all beings. Peace on Earth.

December 15, 2021
Shelley Wilson

Peace Is A Fragile Infant

Peace is a fragile Infant

surrounded by Love and Acceptance,

nurtured and protected

by hearts humble and brave.

Peace is a fragile Infant

held in reverence for Life

and ever a Joy to the grateful

in a world of conflict and strife.

Peace is a fragile Infant

gifted with great potentials

born in a stable, secure environment,

thriving and growing in Life’s essentials-

Spirit’s Values and Freedoms

Incarnate as Life Itself.

December 12, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Life Living Life

Life Living Life

bodies and more
we are here but a moment
on this little planet
rotating and revolving
moving with other orbs
through the dark and light of space
bodies and more
we appear and disappear
Life the Creator creates
the Formless living in Forms
all forms here and everywhere
Life in forms aware or not
moves creates informs evolves
expands contracts dissolves
Life the Formless informs again
creating forms evolving
dualities dancing in harmony
on a floor of dark and light
context and possibilities
frequencies and vibrations
the music of Life
our senses gathering information
some seeing more some less
seeing a spectrum of colours
rainbows and prisms of colours
or black the absence of colour
no visual colour to human eyes
and white the inclusion of all
even invisible light
our bodies gradually evolving
as atoms cells molecules microbes
hormones bacteria viruses fungi elements
blood organs arteries veins nerves
glands skin nails teeth hair and more
of functions and systems active
electromagnetism and breathing active
in bodies of water bone and flesh
in webs and highways of information
our more gradually evolving
awareness intelligence understanding
mental and emotional maturity
evolving intuitions and instincts
to ever greater degrees
yet unlike many other animal lifeforms here
most of us unable to see
invisible energies invisible light
invisible life present
without our machines
most of us unable to hear
a wider range of signature sounds
without our technologies
most of us unable to smell
a wider range of signature odours
most of us unable to taste
fully discerning as we ingest
without our added chemicals
most of us unable to touch to feel
with heightened sensitivities
except with use of drugs
to feel or not to feel at all
we our bodies and more
experience Living through limitations
of human lifeforms
a range of abilities yet limited
in a wider spectrum of possibilities
that even now
we can’t conceive and comprehend
know and understand
as with other lifeforms known and unknown
yet our more is gradually
who we are that more
evolving and creating
always more ever more
through the wondrous Process
Life Living Life
through all through all
the Spirit of Life
in all in all in all

December 10, 2021
Shelley Wilson

Sip Ponder Wonder

I sip my coffee slowly

on this December morning

imagining many ‘What Ifs’.

I sip and ponder and wonder…

What if all Human skins

had evolved to be transparent

like the jellyfish of the sea,

all internal structures and functions

in clear transparency

for all to know and see.

What physiological prejudices

would motivate Humanity?

What if we all looked the same

in size and shape and features,

our bones, our organs, our brains,

genders merged into the same.

What if we all thought the same,

no different perceptions,

no different preferences,

beliefs, ideas, conceptions

of Life as anything else.

What if we lived in a Mono Culture,

no differences to celebrate

that many now love to hate

and only grew Mono Crops

as the only things we ate.

Potatoes, Rice, Corn and Beans-

only these on every plate.

What if we enslaved ourselves

to our machine technology,

no longer required to think-

even in our theology,

just accepting all on faith

A.I. always knows what’s best.

What if Weather was controlled,

no temperature rise or fall,

nothing ever unexpected,

the same rain and sun for all,

everything under control

as daily conditions unfold.

What stories would be told?

I sip and ponder and wonder…

(December 7, 2021- Shelley Wilson)