Reincarnation Rebirth Resurrection

Reincarnation Rebirth Resurrection :

I have died in northern snows-

I have died in desert sands-

I have died in many waters-

I have died in many lands-

Yet for all the dying,

here I live and love again

creating more Experience

on this Dimension’s plane.

Sometimes I remember

people and places from before

with strong and certain feelings

I simply can’t ignore.

I’m here for Soul Adventures.

While Heaven is my Home,

I love to play with Atoms

in a Universe to roam.

This place has need for Courage.

Like all who visit Earth,

I’m challenged by Amnesia

from the moment of my birth.

Like Actors lost in Roles,

we live our many lives

in challenging conditions,

our Spirit in disguise.

We create and recreate

ourselves, our lives, anew-

shallow or deep with meaning

by what we think and do.

Sequential and Simultaneous

in the Only Here and Now,

I’m Everywhere Always-

Life works out the Wondrous How.

Every Now is God’s Present,

this Every Now of Time,

for which I’m truly grateful,

this Gift that is Divine.

Death’s just taking off a Robe.

When next I die, I’ll clearly know-

back to Source, to God, to Heaven,

to that Home Light I will go.

1960s, revised May 2004, revised December 4, 2021

Shelley Wilson


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