Sip Ponder Wonder

I sip my coffee slowly

on this December morning

imagining many ‘What Ifs’.

I sip and ponder and wonder…

What if all Human skins

had evolved to be transparent

like the jellyfish of the sea,

all internal structures and functions

in clear transparency

for all to know and see.

What physiological prejudices

would motivate Humanity?

What if we all looked the same

in size and shape and features,

our bones, our organs, our brains,

genders merged into the same.

What if we all thought the same,

no different perceptions,

no different preferences,

beliefs, ideas, conceptions

of Life as anything else.

What if we lived in a Mono Culture,

no differences to celebrate

that many now love to hate

and only grew Mono Crops

as the only things we ate.

Potatoes, Rice, Corn and Beans-

only these on every plate.

What if we enslaved ourselves

to our machine technology,

no longer required to think-

even in our theology,

just accepting all on faith

A.I. always knows what’s best.

What if Weather was controlled,

no temperature rise or fall,

nothing ever unexpected,

the same rain and sun for all,

everything under control

as daily conditions unfold.

What stories would be told?

I sip and ponder and wonder…

(December 7, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


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