What Is Love?

What Is Love?

Growing up, you’ll come to find

that love is respectful, considerate,

caring, forgiving and kind.

January 31, 2022

Shelley Wilson


Woven Portrait of My Daughter

When I Think Of Alissa

Still on the loom and easel, this weaving is an interpretation of how I see my daughter, Alissa. This photo doesn’t show the details well but the impression is there. I place a ‘veil’ of iridescent white tulle over the area where one can ‘see through’ to the other side as she has done like others in our family. The bottom corner has an add-on of wired metal flowers both for her love of flowers and as a floral designer. Full of love and light, she is also developed in abilities of discernment.

Woven Portrait of My Sister

When I Think Of Bev

This Woven Portrait is how I see my sister Bev. She is another version of my Soul expressing Life much differently in this same Timeline. There were actually twelve different versions of our same OverSoul here in this particular Timeline but a few of us have already passed on. Life is far more complex than many people imagine and it’s all simply divine. 😁🙏💖✨

Another Woven Portrait

Woven Portraits series. When I Think Of… Cindy

This is my third Woven Portrait of friends. I’m hoping that the carefully chosen colours, textures and added elements communicate how I see people dear to me. The necklace at the top was made by my daughter using a creative process to display a drawing of a woman Cindy had drawn. It looked like a self-portrait to us. The amber pin was a gift to me by her sister. It seemed perfect for this weaving. After I remove this piece from the easel it’s on, I’ll roll it in kraft paper with a letter and suggestion to tie the top and bottom with either dowels or sticks to hang it up. Then it’s on to the next project for me.



There are intangible things you just know

deep in your heart, your bones, your soul,

whether or not others agree

with those truths you feel and see.

I know I’ve lived, am living, will live,

different Versions of varied lives

through many births and Quantum leaps

in God’s Spacetime, Life’s own Give and Take.

I’m in many Times and Places at once,

exploring Experiences in this Universe,

all amazingly, wondrously diverse.

I know I’ve lived lives of great wealth,

great privilege, abundance, prosperity,

and lives of extreme poverty chosen

or not, lives of sacrifice and austerity.

I’ve lived lives of envied accomplishments,

and lives doing nothing at all,

lives judged bright and others deemed dull.

I’ve lived lives widely celebrated,

and those of outcasts, co-created, sadly fated.

I’ve held the rod and staff of power,

born into great fortune and fame,

and lived without power or name,

enslaved, ridiculed, mocked and shamed.

I’ve lived lives of meek compliance,

and been a rebel in many a cause,

lives of rebellion and defiance

with or without just cause.

I’ve lived lives of firm command

serving rulers in many a land,

fighting and dying for gods and Man.

I’ve lived lives of humble submission,

bearing children, my worth and mission.

I’ve been bold and brave, serious, grave,

shy and wary, timid as a deer,

sly as a fox, slow as a sloth,

flexible as an octopus, melodic as a songbird

singing its heart out to communicate.

I’ve been adaptable and adventurous,

reclusive, determined and tenacious,

competitive, co-operative, focused

as a bee seeking pollen, making honey,

fast and sharp as a hawk without fear.

I’ve lived so many varied lives,

my character’s full of contradictions

that come into play any given day,

enriching my Experience in so many ways.

I’ve had Visions and Revisions

of what I wish and choose To Be,

to do, to understand fully, Free

to explore any Time, any Place,

any Condition, any World, any Race.

January 20, 2022- Shelley Wilson

When I Think Of

This is first in my new project series I call Woven Portraits titled When I Think Of… Here is how I see and interpret the personality and character of my friend and former sister-in-law Linda a. k. a. Lini. Still on the easel, you could call it a ‘quick sketch’. Colours, textures and found objects are carefully chosen. I haven’t seen anyone else doing this kind of project or weaving but then I always seem to be ‘reinventing the wheel’. Shelley Wilson- January 18, 2022

From Irritations To Pearls

From Irritations To Pearls

I love People. Honest I do.

But when near them I find

their Energy is often the kind

that troubles my Heart and Mind.

Being Empathic by nature,

I pick up their Vibrations

so when they’re not Calm and Kind,

I’m vexed with Irritations.

I’ve done my best to hide

how they make me feel inside

for I don’t wish to send it back,

that Energy doubled to them.

I feel like the World’s Oyster

living in my own Shell,

Processing and Creating

my very own Pearls of Wisdom

that keep me Sane and Well.

I often have to Laugh

at those things I can tell

might drive others Insane.

Resistance is futile.

Ignoring and Ignorance doesn’t help.

Whatever People present me,

blessings of their Heaven

or curses of their Hell,

I choose to be still and silent and see

Life’s Divine Spirit within them-

that One Pearl within their shell.

I see the Light in their Darkness

just as I do in mine.

I have no need to fight

using that very same Energy

when their Energy comes near me.

I just grow Stronger in the Light.

My Mind and Heart are clear-

whatever People present me

I grow Stronger in the Light,

Richer in my Experience

with layer on layer of Love

covering every Irritation

that happens to come my way.

January 17, 2022

Shelley Wilson

How Do We Heal The Human Animal

How Do We Heal The Human Animal

How do we heal the Human Animal

with Mind grown dark and devious,

Heart twisted with fear and guilt and shame,

spinning out of self-control

into Cruelty and Corruption?

How do we heal the Human Animal

fed from youth with World Views

cursed with hate and malicious intent,

seduced by drugs and alcohol,

Life given no respect or value

other than to use and abuse others

as they were used and abused themselves?

How do we heal the Human Animal

trained to spy and weaponize sex

used on popes and princes and politicians

throughout the ages everywhere

to puppet, command and control-

black magic glamourized still?

How do we heal the Human Animal

such as Men who spy on Women

in public and private bathrooms

just urinating and defecating,

after digesting then eliminating

like all Animals do everywhere?

Women might well ask themselves-

Is this the Man I want to marry?

Is this who I choose to bear my Children?

If this Male spies to get a rise,

God knows what he’d do to my Kids.

How do we heal the Human Animal

who treats other Humans this way?

January 15, 2022- Shelley Wilson

World View

World View

We’ve evolved to understand

the State of our World View-

that how wee see the World

is what we think and say and do.

Familiar Comforts of Traditions

in Cultures and Religions too,

passed on through Generations,

hold or bind us to our Past

Inspiring or even Oppressing

until we’re ‘Free At Last’.

What do we Welcome or Oppose?

What do we Embrace or Refuse?

How do we engage others-

especially those Different?

Is our Choice the Good Will Voice

of Tolerance and Acceptance

or is it Defence and Offence?

Is it Debate or Argument?

Debate can be a way

for us to Decide and Choose

what is still or now true for us,

whether ‘win’ or ‘lose’,

depending on our World Views.

Different perspectives,

even opposing viewpoints

in respectful discussions

can persuade and sway

with healthy conversations,

minds and hearts at work and play.

Rational Reason and Healthy Emotion

then align to have their say.

Arguments with fair Solutions

can vent and clear the air,

changing conditions and situations

among those who truly care

but often Hostility leads to Futility

creating Misery everywhere.

What we think and say and do

all depends on our World View

inherited through Generations,

Cultural and Religious Traditions,

Mass Entertainments and Educations,

all contributing to our World View.

January 15, 2022- Shelley Wilson

How I See It

​How I See It

Back Before the Beginning
There was Only
God Source
Back In the Beginning
Came the Creation
of the
From the Void of No-Thing,
Conscious Energy Created Matter (E=M).
Relationships and Context were born.
From the Great Divine Idea Bursting Forth
Came Dark Space and Bright Starlight.
From the Elements of Matter,
Life Energy takes on Diverse Forms
Appearing and Disappearing
As Life Constantly Transforms.
Our Life Force Moves
to and from God Source.
We Co-create our Realities
in this Universe of Dualities.
Now we Search Beyond our Planet
Moving Ahead and Looking Back.
Some Travel Outward…Some Within…
Back to our God Source Light
As That Holy Light Within.

January 14, 2022
Shelley Wilson

Puzzles That Teach

Puzzles That Teach

There’s a sense of perfect timing

when you just suddenly see

the fitting and the belonging

of things you thought mystery.

Picture puzzles have taught me much,

especially patience and humility.

You can know the Picture as Whole,

as One, with such joyful clarity

while piecing together its mystery-

pieces staring you in the face

as you wonder and search for answers-

as you ponder their pattern and place.

Sometimes right answers are wrong-

pieces that fit but don’t belong-

clues of frustration and futility

when feelings tell you something’s wrong.

Those are the times to step away

or look at them another way.

Turn it around and upside down.

Be like a little Child at play,

free and willing to be wrong

until answers truly fit and belong.

Then you’re ready to move on

to new challenges of the mind-

of mind and heart and soul-

Life’s own puzzles of every kind.

Whenever I’m ready and willing

to leave unworkable truths behind

or choose to really look once more

at puzzle pieces I might ignore,

then I surprise myself to find

what I just didn’t see before.

Whenever I face an a-mazing wall,

like a Child, I question it all.

Patterns of strife in our life,

human histories that so often repeat-

aggression, conquest, defeat-

such answers don’t belong

in the Picture of a World at Peace.

Those walls that bar Peace and confine

must puzzle us all from time to time.

The Child within us wants to play,

happy and healthy in every way.

January 11, 2022- Shelley Wilson