How I See It

​How I See It

Back Before the Beginning
There was Only
God Source
Back In the Beginning
Came the Creation
of the
From the Void of No-Thing,
Conscious Energy Created Matter (E=M).
Relationships and Context were born.
From the Great Divine Idea Bursting Forth
Came Dark Space and Bright Starlight.
From the Elements of Matter,
Life Energy takes on Diverse Forms
Appearing and Disappearing
As Life Constantly Transforms.
Our Life Force Moves
to and from God Source.
We Co-create our Realities
in this Universe of Dualities.
Now we Search Beyond our Planet
Moving Ahead and Looking Back.
Some Travel Outward…Some Within…
Back to our God Source Light
As That Holy Light Within.

January 14, 2022
Shelley Wilson


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