From Irritations To Pearls

From Irritations To Pearls

I love People. Honest I do.

But when near them I find

their Energy is often the kind

that troubles my Heart and Mind.

Being Empathic by nature,

I pick up their Vibrations

so when they’re not Calm and Kind,

I’m vexed with Irritations.

I’ve done my best to hide

how they make me feel inside

for I don’t wish to send it back,

that Energy doubled to them.

I feel like the World’s Oyster

living in my own Shell,

Processing and Creating

my very own Pearls of Wisdom

that keep me Sane and Well.

I often have to Laugh

at those things I can tell

might drive others Insane.

Resistance is futile.

Ignoring and Ignorance doesn’t help.

Whatever People present me,

blessings of their Heaven

or curses of their Hell,

I choose to be still and silent and see

Life’s Divine Spirit within them-

that One Pearl within their shell.

I see the Light in their Darkness

just as I do in mine.

I have no need to fight

using that very same Energy

when their Energy comes near me.

I just grow Stronger in the Light.

My Mind and Heart are clear-

whatever People present me

I grow Stronger in the Light,

Richer in my Experience

with layer on layer of Love

covering every Irritation

that happens to come my way.

January 17, 2022

Shelley Wilson


2 thoughts on “From Irritations To Pearls

    • Thanks so much! I’m aware that there are many like you and I with varying degrees of sensitivities doing our best to navigate life on this planet of so many contrasts and contexts. God Bless. 💖✨


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