There are intangible things you just know

deep in your heart, your bones, your soul,

whether or not others agree

with those truths you feel and see.

I know I’ve lived, am living, will live,

different Versions of varied lives

through many births and Quantum leaps

in God’s Spacetime, Life’s own Give and Take.

I’m in many Times and Places at once,

exploring Experiences in this Universe,

all amazingly, wondrously diverse.

I know I’ve lived lives of great wealth,

great privilege, abundance, prosperity,

and lives of extreme poverty chosen

or not, lives of sacrifice and austerity.

I’ve lived lives of envied accomplishments,

and lives doing nothing at all,

lives judged bright and others deemed dull.

I’ve lived lives widely celebrated,

and those of outcasts, co-created, sadly fated.

I’ve held the rod and staff of power,

born into great fortune and fame,

and lived without power or name,

enslaved, ridiculed, mocked and shamed.

I’ve lived lives of meek compliance,

and been a rebel in many a cause,

lives of rebellion and defiance

with or without just cause.

I’ve lived lives of firm command

serving rulers in many a land,

fighting and dying for gods and Man.

I’ve lived lives of humble submission,

bearing children, my worth and mission.

I’ve been bold and brave, serious, grave,

shy and wary, timid as a deer,

sly as a fox, slow as a sloth,

flexible as an octopus, melodic as a songbird

singing its heart out to communicate.

I’ve been adaptable and adventurous,

reclusive, determined and tenacious,

competitive, co-operative, focused

as a bee seeking pollen, making honey,

fast and sharp as a hawk without fear.

I’ve lived so many varied lives,

my character’s full of contradictions

that come into play any given day,

enriching my Experience in so many ways.

I’ve had Visions and Revisions

of what I wish and choose To Be,

to do, to understand fully, Free

to explore any Time, any Place,

any Condition, any World, any Race.

January 20, 2022- Shelley Wilson


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