Another Woven Portrait

Woven Portraits series. When I Think Of… Cindy

This is my third Woven Portrait of friends. I’m hoping that the carefully chosen colours, textures and added elements communicate how I see people dear to me. The necklace at the top was made by my daughter using a creative process to display a drawing of a woman Cindy had drawn. It looked like a self-portrait to us. The amber pin was a gift to me by her sister. It seemed perfect for this weaving. After I remove this piece from the easel it’s on, I’ll roll it in kraft paper with a letter and suggestion to tie the top and bottom with either dowels or sticks to hang it up. Then it’s on to the next project for me.


2 thoughts on “Another Woven Portrait

    • Thanks David. My friend Cindy is vivacious, artistic and beautiful. When we travelled together, especially in ‘exotic’ countries, I became invisible and men were drawn to her life butterflies to flowers. Actually, she was my first floral design teacher and was fun to work with at the flowershop. She is remarkably psychic as well with many dreams insightful and foretelling things. She is also deeply spiritual though not religious. I have know her in many lives. So glad you like the woven portrait!

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