Woven Portrait of My Son

Woven Portrait of My Son Aaron
Details with his two sci-fi books

The colours, textures and add ons are a glimpse of how I see my wonderful son Aaron. Thanks to my daughter, Alissa, I was able to add these mini versions of Aaron’s creative writing. He’s in the process of writing his third book. His day job is highly technical and goes over my head at ufo speed but we do have some great conversations about time travel and space travel. I’m grateful to have two children as my best friends.


3 thoughts on “Woven Portrait of My Son

    • His work is computer drafting in mining exploration. His books are science fiction about space and time travel with characters Gluon, Celeste and a dog named Quark. His first book has Gluon’s Chart of Radial Time of the Elements and Galactic Linear Time. There are no ‘bad guys’ and no violent behaviours of characters unlike many books written now. It doesn’t feed negative tendencies of primitive human behaviours. Thanks for your response. ✨

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