A Child of Life

This is the third poem of the book I’m writing for children of family and friends called Flowers For Children

Flowers For Children:

A Child of Life

You are a Jewel

of great worth,

a Child of Life

on Planet Earth.

Your Love shines

as Diamonds

and Sunbeams

and Moonbeams

and Rainbows

and Starlight.

Your Mind and Heart

are clear and bright.

Quick to forgive,

you wish no harm

to anyone

or anything.

Your Light is strong.

You bless the Earth

and all who live,

or ever lived,

just by Being You.

Your Love of Life

grows ever strong.

The Heavens rejoice.

The Angels sing.

A Child of God,

you are a Jewel

of great worth,

one of many

to bless this Earth.

When Forces press

to crush, they fail.

You are Love’s Light

and shall prevail.

Like Diamonds,

you grow stronger still.

Your Spirit shines

ever brighter still,

for you are Life

Living on and on…

(February 19, 2022-

Shelley Wilson)


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