Be Your Own Sunshine

This is the fifth poem I’ve written for children of family and friends. I’d like to make Flowers For Children a gift book for Christmas.

Flowers For Children:

Be Your Own Sunshine

You can be

your own Sunshine

on a rainy day.

You can be

your own Hero

come to save

you from dismay.

Bad and Mad

may try to hide

your Happy Sunshine,

to take your Joy away,

but you have

Secret Powers

to Light your way

both Night and Day.

Monster Fears

may try to scare you

but come what may,

your Light is strong,

as Love of Life

can win the Day.

Storms and Troubles

may circle ‘round you

to rob your Light,

your Peace and Joy,

your Right to be

your Happy Self

but you still shine

your Inner Wealth.

Shine your Light, Child,

ever brighter.

Shine on and on…

your Light is strong.

February 21, 2022

Shelley Wilson


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