Writing To My Future Self

Sunlight Through Raindrops:

Writing To My Future Self

I am writing to my Future Self-

another time, another place,

another name, another race,

another shape, another face,

another version of Real Me…

Make Love and Compassion

your Constant Companions

in all your Earthly days

with those you’ve ever known

and even those unknown.

You’ll never truly be alone.

You’ll never feel alone.

When Change Appears as Monster Fears

feeding on Calamity, Catastrophe,

Conflict, Confusion, Disaster,

Danger, Destruction and Loss,

no matter what else you do-

remember the Love inside of you,

the Compassion and Love

all around you too.

That Love will see you through-

and you may come to find,

given time, the Blessings in Disguise.

Give Thanks and show your Gratitude.

That Attitude will help you live

in Inner Peace, Resilient Joy and Care

through anything that comes your way.

You will not feel Despair.

Life here is Constant Change.

Embrace it without Fear

of what may or may not Appear.

Accept what you can’t Change

so you can Let Discordance Go

with Past Regrets, with Ifs and Buts,

so you can Grow in the Flow

of how You Now Choose to Change.

You know the purpose of your Soul-

your own Evolving Self- Mastery Aware.

Despite Appearing Circumstance,

you’ll know you’re in control.

You are Spirit and Life’s Beloved Soul.

Remember your Real Me…

February 24, 2022- Shelley Wilson


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