To Be Or Not

To Be Or Not

Everything is the meaning

we give to it-

Shapes and Colours,

Symbols and Signs

created with Intention

or not- when

things and events

are just what they are-

a Design is just a Design,

a Poem is just what it says,

neither framed by others’

interpretations or


simply, delightfully free

in how they’ve been chosen

to be present in this World.

Shapes and Colours,

Symbols and Signs

created with Intention

and Layered Meanings

have only the power

we choose to give them.-

They have no power

other than what

we choose to give

in the lives we live.

Even Alphabets

of Shapes called Letters

have only the power

of Creation or Destruction

that we choose to give.

‘To Be or Not To Be’…

Our World and

Our Humanity…

Our chosen Flags

of Shapes and Colours

can define Identity,

can define as Sign-

a Unity or Not,

can be used

as Tools of Creation

or Destruction…

To Be our Human Destiny

Evolving here or Not…

a World of Good Will to All

or Not… a World of Ill…

That power is not in Symbols.

That power is in us

To Be or Not To Be…

each one, all one…

each one all one,

we choose our Destiny…

The meaning of everything

is what we give it-

imagined truths,

observed truths,

factual truths,

distorted realities,

actual realities,

ultimate realities…

We come to Experience

it all on our Journeys

to Self-Mastery

as we Evolve

our Consciousness

rising higher

through it all

here onEarth

or Not here at all.

March 9, 2022

Shelley Wilson


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