The Way Within

The Way Within

May Peace abound and Bless All lives. Grow Peace in the ground of an Inner Peace found in Hearts and Minds focused on Peace Within. We can Win That Peace in times of Peace or when War rages all around. Come in Peace, Be at Peace, Go in Peace, even as Jesus, the Prince of Peace, even as Melchizedek, the King of Peace, even as Many Others, Children of God, Sisters and Brothers, Sons and Daughters of God who ever trod upon this, God’s Planet Earth. All Souls, all Lives created by God come from That Source and sooner or later Return. All Life, Sentient, Inanimate, Aware or Unaware, ever Changes, Moves, Recycles, Returns to Source, to That Light of Transforming Love, of Grace and Acceptance, of Peace passing understanding, of Joy beyond telling, of Consciousness in True Freedom that is ever Peace Itself. In ancient days and troubled times when Jesus trod upon this Earth, he NEVER once claimed to be the ONLY Son of God. When he spoke in Higher Consciousness, he spoke as Peace Itself, That Way that is the State of Heaven and the Blessed Way of Life Itself- the Nature and Essence of God. In times past and even now, we see how claims and use of Names are falsely used. The Many Names of God, the Creator, and the Names of Jesus, too, have been used and are still used by those seeking Power and Control over others to exploit, enslave and harm. “They know not what they do.” They are as actors caught up in their villainous roles, forgetting who they truly are though their play is over and the curtains are closed. Now it’s time to go Home. No being is barred from God’s Peace, God’s Love, God’s Grace, God’s Heaven- our Source and Home. We’re all Free to go Home in Peace, through Peace Within. Enter the Way of Peace. Be the Peace and Rest in Peace.

March 19, 2022- Shelley Wilson


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