What Does It Mean To Be Civilized

What does it mean ‘to be Civilized’

in our World, in our Nation, in our Home,

in our Collective and Personal Relationships

with each other and every form of Life

sharing our Planet, sharing our World?

What does it mean ‘to be Civilized’

looking back to our Human Past

or observing our Humanity’s Present Day?

How do we treat each other?

What does History have to say?

What does Today’s News now say?

How do we as Nations or Groups of any kind

now act to get what we want?

How do we treat those who ‘get in the way’

of our ‘goals’, those ‘things we want’?

How do we treat Humans and other Animals-

all those ‘who must obey’?

Collectively and Individually, the ‘Us and I’,

in ‘Costumes of Spirit’ called ‘Bodies’,

how do we treat each other, the ‘Us and I’?

How do we treat those who don’t ‘speak

our Language’- other Human Beings or

other Species sharing this World?

How do we relate to each other?

What does it mean ‘to be Civilized’?

How do we treat our Vulnerable,

our Poor, our Homeless, our Powerless,

our Sick in Traumatized Emotions,

our Sick in Bodies or Minds?

How do we treat our Prisoners,

those innocent or guilty and ‘gone astray’?

How do we treat our Enemies

in National, Racial or Personal Conflicts?

What does Today’s News or History say?

What does it mean ‘to be Civilized’?

What role does Respect for Life

as Highest Value Now play?

Are our Words and Actions ‘Civil’

or do we live in Primitive Ways?

May 31, 2022- Shelley Wilson


Filters of Beliefs

In a Universe of Wavesines

by which all come and go,

we see through our Beliefs

and then we ‘Make It So’.

We see our World through Filters

as those Beliefs we hold,

creating our Realities

from that which we are told.

Beliefs Filter our Perceptions

in Sciences, Religions, Philosophies,

holding or changing Paradigms

in Social, Political Ideologies.

We see all Life through Filters.

For some, it’s all about ‘Sacrifice’

to appease and please ‘Lesser Gods’,

believing ‘Everything Has a Price’.

For some, it’s all about ‘Conquest’

and the need to Dominate

as a way to Demonstrate

that They are Truly ‘Great’.

For some, it’s all about ‘Sex’,

the Filter of ‘Freudian Analysis’,

the Filter of Sex as ‘Weapon’ or ‘Tool’

for Blame and Shame or Life and Bliss.

For some, it’s all ‘Experiment’

created with Conscience or not,

Problem Solvers and Problem Creators

finding ‘Workable Solutions’ sought.

Through our Filtering Beliefs,

Filtered Colours or Black and White,

we thrive in wondrous beauty bright

or shroud our World in ugliness-

dark and devoid of Love’s pure Light.

In Subtler Densities called ‘Death’,

we all move to and fro,

seeing through Filters of Belief

and creating as we go.

What is our Contribution

to this Universe of Wavesines?

What do we Humans hold

in our own Hearts and Minds?

May 26, 2022- Shelley Wilson

So What

People poop and pee, burp and fart.

It’s part of the Process of Life we’re in

as Humans of bones and blood and skin,

Nature transforming what we take in

as solids, liquids, gases and energies

of frequencies we can detect

that nurture, preserve and protect

or harm, destroy and decay

our bodies as lifeforms passing away,

no longer serving the Life we are.

Where did the ‘shame’ of Functions start?

This is Nature at work of which we’re a part.

What is this immature fascination,

this ‘shameful’ denial and rejection

of all Body Functions, Nature’s way

maintaining health, sustaining Life.

People poop and pee, burp and fart.

So what, I say. Grow up!

May 17, 2022

Shelley Wilson

The Great Teachers

Experiences and Consequences

are the Great Teachers.

Are we paying attention?

“It is far better to heal

suffering and pain

than to cause it.

It is far better to prevent

suffering and pain

than to heal it.”

(Every action is a shifting

movement of Energy

creating Experiences.

Every inaction also creates

responsibilities and its

resulting Experiences.)

Are we paying attention?

Are we discerning,

remembering and learning

or just reliving our mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes.

Do we learn from our mistakes

with the courage that it takes

to turn it all around?

Do we pull ourselves up

to be the best we can be

or drug, drunk and dumb down

causing many others pain?

Do we help pull our species up

to the best that it can be

or push and crush it down

with disrespect for ourselves

and every other life around?

Every Cause has Effect

that ripples through us all

to either rise or fall.

“It’s far better to heal

suffering and pain

than to cause it.

It’s far better to prevent

suffering and pain

than to heal it.”

Do we hear our Teachers now?

May 15, 2022

Shelley Wilson

Healthy Growth


Healthy Growth

Deciding to make a difference

Reshaping the ‘status quo’

Creating good will as defence

With compassion for a foe

Seeing the suffering of violence

Choosing ways to let it go

Caring without pretense

Living the wisdom we know

Each one making a difference

Thriving through what we sow

Of kindness as common sense

Helping each other grow.

May 14, 2022

Shelley Wilson