Our History of War

There’s nothing Civil or Holy

about any War-

vicious, malicious,

insane cruelties

people justify or ignore.

Destructive Aggressions,

Oppressions, Suppressions,

Greed for Power through Weapons-

Resource Acquisitions-

Blood Sacrifices

as in primitive times before,

lives sacrificed

as in ancient times before,

even God’s Names used

as in every War before.

When will we all leap

from this Uncivilized State

of Unevolved Species?

What we do to others,

sooner or later, becomes our Fate.

Must we even

‘be what we’re not’

for the right

‘to be what we are’

until we outgrow

our History of War???

June 17, 2022- Shelley Wilson


Knit and Purl

If I had made Different Choices,

what would my Knitted Nows be?

In so many lives and times

I chose Others’ Patterns and Designs

following their Instructions, their Rules,

even those of Scoundrels and Fools.

In some of my lives and times,

I stitched my own Designs and Ways,

creating my Nows authentically

in Row upon Row of years and days.

Sometimes I Cast my Purls

when I would have been wise to Knit

silently observing this World,

just keeping to myself

my ‘pearls of inner wealth’.

Sometimes I must stop Knitting

and examine my Creations

to find Beginnings of Mistakes

and Regrets, the Unraveling it makes.

Sometimes the Beauty gains my attention

as I pause, let go my Tension

and Count my Blessings, one by one.

When in poor health or pain,

I wonder,

is it time to Cast Off again?

(June 8, 2022- Shelley Wilson)



May our Intelligence

exceed our Knowledge

and the Programmed Prejudices

of our Present Day-

Age-ism, Gender-ism, Race-ism,

our Religion and Politics

seen as ‘the Only Way’.

In a World of Ones and Zeros,

may the Courage of Loving-kindness

create a Healthy Climate

by what we do and say.

June 2, 2022

Shelley Wilson