Seeing Things

Sitting on some blasted rocks,

I sipped my cup of tea

between the state of reverie

and mindful possibilities-

that place for reading leaves.

I looked up then to see

drawings on a rock before me,

a curious mystery-

a dinosaur, an ape and stars,

creatures of the sea

and more of mystery.

Were these scribblings

made in fun and reverie

or stories to be told?

Are they childhood Art

made not long ago

or something very old,

I wondered quietly

then finished sipping tea.

The value of this Art

all depends on ‘When’.

(Sept. 15, 2022- Shelley Wilson)

The rock (far right) makes a good seat to gaze at pasture beyond the fence.


2 thoughts on “Seeing Things

    • Thanks for your comment David. Like you, I find geology and archeology fascinating. Like Religions, the Sciences seem to demand adherence to ‘acceptable’ world views. I had fun scribbling my poetic response to my experience the other day and don’t pretend expertise or serious theories. I also have fun reading tea leaves (like Joseph and his ‘divination cup’ in the Bible) but don’t pretend expertise in that either. Fun just wondering.

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