Here comes the night called ‘Hallowe’en’,

that ‘Hallowed Evening’ of Fun and Fright

where Doors of Perception open wide

when Wishes and Fears hidden inside

come knocking, asking, demanding to be seen,

revealing, reveling, with Costumes, the Unseen,

Then, too, the Dead come out to play-

dark Shadows or translucent Wisps of white,

glimpses of menacing Shades or Ghostly Light

of Loved Ones and Strangers passed away,

visitors from Astral, Imaginal Worlds

costumed in Humans, carried like underlay,

overshadowing Energies fighting to stay.

Dread and Delight mix on such Days

of Dreams and Realities Created by many

in a Free Will Universe where anything goes-

this Realm of great Joys and horrendous Woes,

a denser Physicality than the Great Unseen

of which we, too, live in a Dream.

Within and Beyond is God’s Wondrous Light,

that Home from which All come and go,

forgetting, remembering, returning to that Light,

that Sacred, Holy, Hallowed Light.

May we ask in their names whatever they be,

known or unknown to you and to me,

that the Restless Dead return once more

to God’s Heaven, Back To The Light,

guided by Loved Ones, Angels, Beings of Light,

to the Love and Oneness they knew before

Within and Beyond, Holy and Free,

Every Being’s Birthright and True Destiny.

(October 30, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC)


Royal Procession

Royal Procession

A Queen of the heavens

dressed in blue and white,

Mother Earth wears a radiant crown

of stars like many diamonds

sparkling clear and bright.

Born of our Mother Earth

and seeded by our Father Space,

we all move in a Grand Procession

of orbits and cycles of Grace.

(October 23, 2022-

Shelley Audrey Wilson-

Victoria, BC)



I do not sign my name

as I once did as a child, a kid,

with scribbles on a page, a wall.

I do not sign my name

as I once did as a youth, a teen,

with cursive rise and fall.

I do not sign my name

as other times before,

declaring this is truly me

though one can clearly see-

I and my cursive ups and downs

through my life have changed.

Now, I rarely sign my name.

My keyboard does most all.

I touch the magic letters

that I so quickly do arrange

and hope not to mispell

my identity, my name.

(October 12, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC)

Spirit of Life, Source Energy

I have no Religion, nor do I wish to create one, so this is my Thanksgiving Day prayer of gratitude.

Spirit of Life, Source Energy,

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother,

Ever Creating Creator Being,

Source of All Diversity-

I give my humble thanks

for my presence in You

and Your Presence in me,

Spirit of Life, Source Energy.

You are the Universe,

the Multiverse of Realities,

the Fields of Opportunities,

the Forms and Life in All,

the Great Mystery of Mysteries,

the Glory of Life in All.

May we all give thanks

in our own humble ways,

aware that You and we are One.

(Thanksgiving Day, October 10, 2022-

Shelley Audrey Wilson,

Victoria, BC, Canada)



There are words emptied of meaning,

words twisted ‘round and words hurled.

There are words to keep and cherish,

sometimes words that change the world

for good or evil, understood, misunderstood.

There are words to eat slowly,

words to chew on or spit away.

Some words work. Some words play

a role to lift us up or bring us down,

words kept silent, words to sound

with emotions. Words can be lost or found.

Words can energize us or deflate,

words filled with love or hate,

words that comfort or celebrate,

words that grate or agitate.

Words can frighten. Words can heighten

awareness, empower to enlighten,

to delight and brighten up our day.

Words bring together or separate.

Words unite or disintegrate.

Whatever words we do choose

create and shape our world views

into personal or world news.

Whatever language, time or place,

whatever status, gender, race,

there is power in our words.

October 4, 2022- Shelley Audrey Wilson

Canada’s National Day of Truth and Reconciliation- September 30th

The voices of Indigenous People

echo around the Globe

with all the stories unburied

and needing to be told-

the ignorance of Racism

empowered by ‘Church and State’-

the tearing apart of Families

enforced by greed and hate-

loss of life, lands, identities,

even loss of self-respect

acting out sad tragedies,

Racism the cause and effect.

Now’s the Time for Truths,

for seeing clear and true

in the Light- not in the Shadows

directing much that Humans do

to feed on suffering and pain

repeated throughout History

over and over again.

Now’s the Time for True Unity,

for remembering, not repeating

Racist behaviours of the past,

Time for Reconciling Now

and Respect for Life to shine

across the Globe at last.

October 2,2022- Shelley Audrey Wilson- Victoria, BC