There are words emptied of meaning,

words twisted ‘round and words hurled.

There are words to keep and cherish,

sometimes words that change the world

for good or evil, understood, misunderstood.

There are words to eat slowly,

words to chew on or spit away.

Some words work. Some words play

a role to lift us up or bring us down,

words kept silent, words to sound

with emotions. Words can be lost or found.

Words can energize us or deflate,

words filled with love or hate,

words that comfort or celebrate,

words that grate or agitate.

Words can frighten. Words can heighten

awareness, empower to enlighten,

to delight and brighten up our day.

Words bring together or separate.

Words unite or disintegrate.

Whatever words we do choose

create and shape our world views

into personal or world news.

Whatever language, time or place,

whatever status, gender, race,

there is power in our words.

October 4, 2022- Shelley Audrey Wilson


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