Tolerance and Acceptance

Tolerance and Acceptance

This may be

your only birth

on this little planet

we call Earth.

Perhaps you

were never born here

in this wondrous World

ever once before

but I have

and will again

even many times more.

Among the stars

I’ve also lived

in other strange forms

knowing Peace and Wars.

You may see

this vast Universe

as far outside of you

but I can clearly see

it is within us too.

You may think

we were born in sin

but I do see

God’s holy Presence

the Life of our life,

as ever and always within.

You can’t prove

and I can’t prove

Beliefs we hold

from things we’re told

or of our own

Remembrances and


May we leash

our loyal dogmas

and choose a wiser way,

growing day by day

in Tolerance and


November 30, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


Scrambled Eggs

Like scrambled eggs

is the intentional mix

of Egypt’s ancient history

to hide and bury her truths

in truly confusing mysteries

throughout the Ages past.

The false claims of Kings-

like who built the Great Pyramids,

the ‘erasing’ of Names,

the hiding of things once known

with seeds of deception sown.

Many Muslims, Christians and Jews

all played such games

for agendas all their own too.

Little ‘Saba’ on the Arabian coast,

rich port and ‘trading post’

paid tributes, loyal to Egypt,

profiting her long ago

when Hatshepsut, ‘the seated woman’,

sat on the royal throne.

That Queen, even of Saba,

Hatshepsut (Sheba) empowered then

by recognized ‘right’ as ‘might’,

(as when Queen Elizabeth

in modern days reigned),

sought trade, not war and conquest,

for Egypt’s peaceful gain.

Upper and Lower Egypt,

Nubia, Ethiopia, Somalia

and Africa’s many ports

of then extensive trade,

a powerful Empire made.

Hatshepsut was Queen

and ruled as Pharaoh too.

Of Egyptian and Nubian blood,

her skin a sun-tan brown,

attractive with dark eyes and hair,

intelligent and adventurous,

Hatshepsut desired her own heir,

not that of another’s heir.

Her wise men heard of Solomon,

King of the ‘Land of Punt’,

the Holy Land called ‘Punt’,

and told her of this King

with many ‘foreign’ wives,

the bonds of foreign trade.

A rich and handsome King,

intelligent and wise,

he’d grown richer day by day

through many ‘trade relations’,

through caravans from far away,

through trading ships with cargoes

(fleets of ships like Hiram of Tyre’s,

Phoenician ships and others

linked like a band of brothers),

through business and commerce contracts,

forerunners of those today.

Though ‘Punt’ was far away,

though she was richer by far,

Hatshepsut chose Solomon-

her personal ‘trade mission’,

for marriage and a royal heir.

She brought with her exotic gifts,

a glimpse of things to trade.

She brought architects and artisans,

entertainers and exotic animals,

spices and healing herbs,

all manner of desirable objects

artistically, skilfully made.

With finery, perfumes and poems,

Sheba stayed with him for a while

in feasting and regal splendour,

a royal marriage and celebration,

Solomon’s seal a marriage bond

and most important to her of all-

the gift of that special wish-

her own heir to her royal throne.

When, at last, she returned

triumphant to her home,

Hatshepsut’s plans were overthrown,

her treasures claimed by others

as their very own-

but her Names are still known.

Her obelisks and grand temple,

the Splendour of Splendours,

unlike Solomon’s temple,

even today still stand.

I ponder this and smile

reading the poems now

all called the ‘Songs of Solomon’,

their love poems of days gone by.

I smile and understand why

such sensitive, ‘political’ history

has been ever so cleverly

served like scrambled eggs.

November 25, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

We Dance Around The Sun

Round and round and round,

we dance around the Sun

repeating our old Tales

of glorious Victories won.

Life triumphs over Death-

New Versions of Old Themes

repeat, repeat, repeat-

heroic struggles, great deeds done.

Despite the schemes of enemies,

Life’s Victory is won.

We dance around the Sun

through Light and Dark and Light

celebrating Life reborn, renewed-

even Victory in Defeat

when Cycles of Life repeat.

We dance around the Sun

through Solstice and Equinox-

new Cycles born of old,

new Heroes and Stories told-

new Versions of ancient Themes-

the Miracles of Virgin Births,

Battles of Good and Evil Actions

as Heroic Life again unfolds,

even Sacrifices and Self-sacrifices

into seeming Death and Defeat.

Then come the Resurrections-

Osiris, Jesus and cherished others

through Mythologies and Histories,

repeating Stories foretold

with heavenly Ascensions

and Wonders to behold.

We circle round and round our Star

seeking to Remember Who We Are

and celebrating the Few who do-

the Triumph of Life in me and you.

November 22, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, B.C.

Turquoise Dreams- I Float In

I was looking at some of my art this morning and thought to share my old poem once again. ‘What’s old is new again’ I think the saying goes.

Turquoise Dreams

I float in turquoise dreams…

turquoise and gold…

water and sun melting into memories

wrapped in gold and turquoise veils…

I am Osiris of the distant dawn,

dismembered and remembered…

I am Isis, divine wife and mother,

co-creator, equal, empowered…

I am Horus, the offspring of vision,

the knowing one who truly sees…

I am the golden history ship

that floats on forgotten turquoise dreams…

lives mythologized in pieces…

civilizations ship-wrecked in sands…

mirages floating in hot, still air…

I bury the staff and rod,

the robes, the spices, the treasures

of gold and turquoise dreams

and wake up with a smile…

What shall I wear today???

(Shelley Audrey Wilson- September, 2006)

Another Perspective

How easily we believe what we’re told through gossip, the modern Media and the Scriptural News of old slanted to steer behaviours through trained perspectives, beliefs and World Views. Even our questions are coloured lines, patterned attitudes and contained beliefs- those old ‘boxes’ in which we see Life and from within which we create our collective and individual experiences. When we choose to step out of one such box created in a distant past, we often jump into another. Out of the box, we become a threat to the ‘status quo’ as heretics, unbelievers, doubters, exiles and outcasts.

I am reminded of Hagar, the ancient bondwoman of Sarah, wife of Abraham- a tribal chieftain who entertained the ‘men of God’ with food and drink and who agreed to a pact, a contract to fight in their wars in return for great promises. The identities of these men who ate, drank and threw bones to predict and tell fortunes have been translated now as ‘messengers of God’ and as ‘angels’ and as ‘God’. I am guessing that they were actually part of some ancient religious order with ties to extraterrestrials fighting for control of Earth. Just a guess, of course. I could be wrong.

Hagar is portrayed as a jealous servant who deserved to be cast out of the camp with her child to die in the desert when Sarah had given birth to her own son. He was to be the ‘rightful heir’ to promises of power, riches and many offspring with the help of these ‘angels of God’, ‘messengers’, ‘men of God’. The Scriptures ‘testify’ to this ‘contract’ of promises in return for warriors.

Seen from another perspective, Hagar was an Egyptian ‘bond-gift’ given to serve Sarah, the beautiful woman desired and favoured by the Pharaoh of that time. Hagar was forced to serve Sarah, attend to her needs like combing her hair- a personal attendant much like later ‘ladies of the court’. Hagar was forced to have sex with Sarah’s husband, believing false promises, in order to produce a surrogate child for Sarah by her command. Then, when Sarah, herself, was ‘miraculously’ inseminated, suddenly fertile, giving birth to her own child, both Hagar and her offspring became a threat to Sarah and her son. An excuse to be rid of them was easily created. Such circumstances with intrigues have been repeated in places of power throughout history.

Hagar was made into a symbol of powerless bondage and slavery while Sarah became a symbol of freedom, grace and God’s favour- all to justify and sanctify struggle for power ‘rightly won’.The consequences of these ancient actions have spread ripple effects through time even to this day.

From Sarah’s perspective, she did what was ‘right and just’ for herself and her son. Hagar was in bondage and had no rights, especially the right to glorified power, so Hagar was ‘in the wrong’ to assume power for her son despite false promises made to her by Abraham and Sarah herself. I am guessing that it did not ever occur to Sarah that bondage and slavery itself was ‘wrong’ and spiritually unjustifiable. The primitive culture of her time and of primitive cultures before her had accepted and lived in those ‘boxes of belief’ that bondage and slavery were acceptable, right, just,and the ‘will of their God’ as told by ‘men of God’. She’d believe this without question.

It’s amazing how men and women of intelligence fail to question the ‘status quo’’ even today. It’s also amazing how men and women of intelligence fail to see the ample contradictory evidence of a capricious God of Love and Condemnation, Love and Damnation, of Loving and Hating, of Comforting Grace and Angry Revenge, of Ultimate Power and Complete Powerlessness except through Fear and Need for Sacrifice- both animals and human life. Such versions and visions of the Creator, God, were brought to us by ‘men of God’ in many ancient cultures. How great the needless suffering has been because of this!

We must rise out of our ‘boxes of beliefs’ to a higher perspective, like a higher view seen of the Earth, a higher World View, and come to realize that we are all one, a unity of Life expressing diversity. Then we shall see God everywhere through new eyes, new ‘I’s’, as a more highly evolved Humanity. The assumption here is that we don’t destroy ourselves and our precious home planet first.

November 13, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Grateful Harvest

Grateful Harvest

Beloved Creator, Life,

I am grateful for Family

and our Family of Humanity.

May all our conflicts cease

that we may Live in Peace.

I am grateful for Friends.

Though they be few,

may they be True.

I am grateful for all that’s Good

and Healthy in water, drink and food,

clean air and soil that nurtures,

the basic needs for Living

that all be Healthy too.

May we act on sound Solutions

to destructions and pollutions

that we Be Well on Earth.

I am grateful for such things

as rain and snow, wind and sunshine-

not too little, not too much.

May our Consciousness Create

a Global Climate of Well Being-

Humanity ever more grateful

to reap what we sow.

November 9, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson