Grateful Harvest

Grateful Harvest

Beloved Creator, Life,

I am grateful for Family

and our Family of Humanity.

May all our conflicts cease

that we may Live in Peace.

I am grateful for Friends.

Though they be few,

may they be True.

I am grateful for all that’s Good

and Healthy in water, drink and food,

clean air and soil that nurtures,

the basic needs for Living

that all be Healthy too.

May we act on sound Solutions

to destructions and pollutions

that we Be Well on Earth.

I am grateful for such things

as rain and snow, wind and sunshine-

not too little, not too much.

May our Consciousness Create

a Global Climate of Well Being-

Humanity ever more grateful

to reap what we sow.

November 9, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson


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