Scrambled Eggs

Like scrambled eggs

is the intentional mix

of Egypt’s ancient history

to hide and bury her truths

in truly confusing mysteries

throughout the Ages past.

The false claims of Kings-

like who built the Great Pyramids,

the ‘erasing’ of Names,

the hiding of things once known

with seeds of deception sown.

Many Muslims, Christians and Jews

all played such games

for agendas all their own too.

Little ‘Saba’ on the Arabian coast,

rich port and ‘trading post’

paid tributes, loyal to Egypt,

profiting her long ago

when Hatshepsut, ‘the seated woman’,

sat on the royal throne.

That Queen, even of Saba,

Hatshepsut (Sheba) empowered then

by recognized ‘right’ as ‘might’,

(as when Queen Elizabeth

in modern days reigned),

sought trade, not war and conquest,

for Egypt’s peaceful gain.

Upper and Lower Egypt,

Nubia, Ethiopia, Somalia

and Africa’s many ports

of then extensive trade,

a powerful Empire made.

Hatshepsut was Queen

and ruled as Pharaoh too.

Of Egyptian and Nubian blood,

her skin a sun-tan brown,

attractive with dark eyes and hair,

intelligent and adventurous,

Hatshepsut desired her own heir,

not that of another’s heir.

Her wise men heard of Solomon,

King of the ‘Land of Punt’,

the Holy Land called ‘Punt’,

and told her of this King

with many ‘foreign’ wives,

the bonds of foreign trade.

A rich and handsome King,

intelligent and wise,

he’d grown richer day by day

through many ‘trade relations’,

through caravans from far away,

through trading ships with cargoes

(fleets of ships like Hiram of Tyre’s,

Phoenician ships and others

linked like a band of brothers),

through business and commerce contracts,

forerunners of those today.

Though ‘Punt’ was far away,

though she was richer by far,

Hatshepsut chose Solomon-

her personal ‘trade mission’,

for marriage and a royal heir.

She brought with her exotic gifts,

a glimpse of things to trade.

She brought architects and artisans,

entertainers and exotic animals,

spices and healing herbs,

all manner of desirable objects

artistically, skilfully made.

With finery, perfumes and poems,

Sheba stayed with him for a while

in feasting and regal splendour,

a royal marriage and celebration,

Solomon’s seal a marriage bond

and most important to her of all-

the gift of that special wish-

her own heir to her royal throne.

When, at last, she returned

triumphant to her home,

Hatshepsut’s plans were overthrown,

her treasures claimed by others

as their very own-

but her Names are still known.

Her obelisks and grand temple,

the Splendour of Splendours,

unlike Solomon’s temple,

even today still stand.

I ponder this and smile

reading the poems now

all called the ‘Songs of Solomon’,

their love poems of days gone by.

I smile and understand why

such sensitive, ‘political’ history

has been ever so cleverly

served like scrambled eggs.

November 25, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


2 thoughts on “Scrambled Eggs

  1. This reminds me of the way rich ‘aristocratic’ families in the UK would treat daughters as ‘brood mares’ to preserve the line, and Princess Diana was considered by some to be a modern-day example. There were sections of the media who saw her ‘function’ as being to produce male heirs to the throne.

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    • I never thought of her that way but see how some would. The pressure to produce male heirs is a global circumstance for many women through the ages where women are valued and respected for this and sometimes only this. Families, globally, especially families with power, expect and even demand heirs. Some Religions build their empires by encouraging and sanctifying additions to their memberships this way. When we finally stop pressuring women to reproduce even when they do not wish to have children, we may yet see positive benefits in ripple effects I think. Like everything, however, it’s all in the way we view things, how we each choose to view things like this that puts the positive or negative slant on whatever has, is, or will happen. Yes, it’s obvious that aristocratic families everywhere want to keep their wealth and power in the family while wishing all the positive benefits for their offspring. Nothing new under the sun…

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