Our Future

Our Future

We are adventurous Spirits

living our ordinary, extraordinary lives,

Spirits and Beings of Light

from the Source of All That Is

informing in forms of bodies-

waves and particles and spaces-

each a Universe in itself.

We are adventurous Spirits

living our ordinary, extraordinary lives,

Spirits and Beings of Light

from the Source of All That Is,

Souls with Energy Fields

moving and merging with others,

our Thoughts and Feelings as Frequencies

that resonate or not with others too.

We create and co-create with God

and Beings Not of This World-

other adventurous Spirits

creating our Religions and Realities,

exploring Sciences, Arts, Philosophies

and whatever we all can do.

We create our own versions of What Is,

our own Heavens and Hells

as states of being, forgetting our Selves

through Fears and Fantasies

imagined and then made real.

We are all creating our Future

be it through Love or Fear

with Thought and Emotion Energies

impacting all we hold most dear

and Life as we know it here.

Win or lose Our World To Come,

we all will Continue On

for we are adventurous Spirits,

all loved and cherished by God.

December 29, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria Bc


Love, Joy and Peace

My Christmas Eve prayer is simply this:-

May our Love flow through and beyond

our temporary personality and mindset

to shine our Spirit’s wondrous Star-Light

of Christ-in-you, Life living as

the Way of Love.

May our Joy be the Remembering of

our Spirit, our True Nature, sacrificing

selfishness and self-interest in Caring,

Sharing and Good Will to All Beings as

living the Way of Joy.

May our Peace come through Respect

for Freedom and Freedoms, through

overcoming all Obstacles, Prejudices and

Misunderstandings about Life Itself, through

Respect for Life as both Unity and Diversity,

through Good Will as living

the Way of Peace.

Amen and Aumen.

December 24, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Love, Joy and Peace

Life On Earth

Life On Earth

How quickly our Sun-driven Time

flows here in Earth Rotations-

minutes, hours, months, years…

We work and play and fill our days.

We mark our days of birth,

even create Traditions to celebrate

or borrow some while making them our own.

From infancy, childhood, adulthood,

and old age, we Humans contribute

in our own ways to Life,

to the Whole of every Age where Life shows up,

to every Stage by our Species’ Nature grown.

We create and destroy Civilizations,

their Structures, Systems, Permutations.

Our Technologies have advanced

like those of many Worlds in Galaxies,

beyond what we now see,

serving Life or Death to be.

We stand on the Brink of Destruction,

of Life or Death, our Species, all Species

on our Home Planet World.

How we act and how we think

contribute to the Whole.

Fear and Hate serve Death and Destruction.

Love of All Life serves Life Itself.

Indifferent Weapons have no Soul.

What is our Life worth here?

What is our Species’ goal?

Are we now less Humane or more

than Puppets of E.T. Wars?

(December 22, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria BC)

This Ochre Ribbon

This Ochre Ribbon

A mystery to me-

how did this ochre ribbon

come to rest upon my bed

when the sight on a site

of an ochre-robed monk

awakened memories

that lay sleeping peacefully

in my humble heart and head?

Where did it come from,

this ribbon tied at both ends

with ‘tales’ both short and long?

Long ago and far away,

we sat in reverent silence,

my ochre-robed Brothers and me,

our lives peaceful and serene,

disciplined, joyful simply to be

aware in the oneness of Life,

alive in the Light flowing free.

I recall the quiet contemplations,

the mystical prayers, the vibrations

of chants, the silent meditations.

This Now Version of me,

an old woman, a more worldly life,

still goes within now and then

but far less than when

I wore those ochre robes.

What have I learned/remembered

this Now Time around?

I am no victim ever

of this or any destiny.

I create and co-create it all-

every rise and fall and rise again…

I use the Wheel of Life

to Experience, to Evolve as I Revolve.

I choose it all, Ever Free

to stay Being in Perfect Oneness

or Forget my Self, then

venture forth and journey

through Wonders, Worlds, Adventures

Becoming even as this humble Human,

this Now Version, me

now holding this ochre ribbon,

a memory and mystery.

December 21, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria BC

Written In Stone

Written In Stone

I do not write

my Words in stone

though they may be

by someone else,

not me.

Once my Words

were painted, chiseled,

carved, inscribed

in clay and stone

to speak to the Ages

for ancient versions

of me.

Once my Words

were penned and inked,

inked and metal-printed

onto treed pages

then scattered by winds

and breezes

like dead leaves

for another version

of me.

Now I search within

for Words Heart-Mined,

exploring Heart and Mind

that I might find

Words of worth

to share in Poetry

but would not wish them

written in stone

that they be free

to change and grow

with me.

December 19, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria BC



Memory reaches far and buries deep,

carries us to Yesterdays,

lifts us up and brings us down,

enriches us in many ways,

reawakens wisdoms found

like buried treasure

some of which we keep.

Memory holds the V.I.P.s *

and V.I.I.s and V.T.I.s **

beyond all mental measure

that gathers through our lives.

Even in Timeline Replays

paradoxically the Same and Different,

we Recall, Invoke, Create

through Fractalizing Energies

moving, growing, changing,

kaleidoscoping complex Patterns

forming and reforming,

creating and recreating

as our Soul freely plays.

Even Purposeful Forgetfulness

of our Soul Memories

creates even more Possibilities,

more Realities, more Ways,

more Spaces in those Patterns

multi-layered in All Directions-

Connected, Whole and Holy in Essence,

God’s Spirit in us at play.

(N.B. * personally Very Important People

** Very Important Information and

Very Trivial Information)

December 16, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria BC



Faith is Hope with starlit wings.

Faith carries Courage above

stormy waters of events,

circumstances, forces

that push us hard and pull us down.

Faith lifts us high in troubled times

from Worldly cares to Heavenly realms

of understandings beautiful and sublime.

Here Higher Powers appear in glory

of awesome Wonders, enlightening,

communicating the power of words

to calm, with comforting assurance,

any fears in hearts and minds.

Here Peace is crowned and Joy is found

a Heavenly Treasure beyond all measure.

Here is where Love abounds

as Love unbounded,

not bound to limitations,

fully free in every way.

When Faith rests on things untrue,

on tangled webs of lies, held tight

in dark deceptions, conspiring agendas

linked and bound by chains of silence

holding down what’s truly true

then Faith falls through such ground

of decayed, unsound foundations,

Faith’s Trust is broken, illusions shattered,

though Faith may yet still cling to these.

Faith deceived has no Freedom,

disempowers us through Fear,

creates confusions, distorts perceptions,

warps world views, spins false news,

enslaves and carries us away

from Love as God’s True Light

to guide our lives in many ways.

Faith corrupted steals and slanders,

torments, tortures, exiles, kills,

becomes the Opposite to Love

while justifying Deadly Games

of Destruction in God’s Names.

May our Faith be ever free

to grow and change, evolve,

to lift us ever higher

to higher truths and wisdoms,

to help us see ever more clearly

Life, our lives, our planet World

and what is truly true.

December 7, 2022- Shelley Audrey Wilson-

Victoria BC

A Young Species

We are a young Species.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness

of other Beings, other Humans

and strange-looking Creatures

sentient or not,

evolving fast or slow,

loving, friendly,

fearful, hostile,

appearing strange in many ways.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness

of where we live,

of Other Rooms and Spaces

Beyond the first we knew.

Some of us reach out

to touch the heavens,

eager to explore and know

The Wonders waiting Beyond

Closed Doors and Curtained Windows,

Beyond what we now see.

Some of us go deep within us

to know where our life began,

to know again The Womb of Heaven,

know again The Oneness

and The Wonder of It All.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness,

we Make Believe and Make It So

creating and co-creating

a myriad Dreams as Realities

Playing Out as we grow.

Beings of Older Ages, Other Places, watch

and sometimes even guide us

as we Play, Evolve and Grow.

December 4, 2022- Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Treasured Dream

When I was a Little Child,

gentle, meek and mild

as a fresh Spring breeze

passing through Trees,

I often awoke in my little bed

with what, to me, seemed then

a Forest of Dreams in my head.

In these, there was no room

for Tales of Fear and Doom,

for Nightmares of night and day

so many Children live even today

traumatized and brutalized,

devalued in every way.

One Dream stands out from the rest,

the Treasured Dream I love the best.

I was standing by a great Tree

grown beyond what I could see.

At its Roots I began digging deep

to find Hidden Gems of vivid colour,

all different from each other,

rough or smooth, all precious to me.

Filled with awe and wonder

of this glorious Mystery,

I found myself pondering

‘What is this mighty Tree?

What is this Treasure I have found?

What does it mean to me?’

Within my Dream I heard a sound

like the voice of a Little Child,

gentle, meek and mild

as a fresh Spring breeze

passing through Trees

to enlighten my little me-

“This is the Tree of Life.”

That Treasure is hidden everywhere,

even deep within little me.

(December 2, 2022- Shelley A. Wilson- Victoria, BC)