Memory reaches far and buries deep,

carries us to Yesterdays,

lifts us up and brings us down,

enriches us in many ways,

reawakens wisdoms found

like buried treasure

some of which we keep.

Memory holds the V.I.P.s *

and V.I.I.s and V.T.I.s **

beyond all mental measure

that gathers through our lives.

Even in Timeline Replays

paradoxically the Same and Different,

we Recall, Invoke, Create

through Fractalizing Energies

moving, growing, changing,

kaleidoscoping complex Patterns

forming and reforming,

creating and recreating

as our Soul freely plays.

Even Purposeful Forgetfulness

of our Soul Memories

creates even more Possibilities,

more Realities, more Ways,

more Spaces in those Patterns

multi-layered in All Directions-

Connected, Whole and Holy in Essence,

God’s Spirit in us at play.

(N.B. * personally Very Important People

** Very Important Information and

Very Trivial Information)

December 16, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria BC


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