This Ochre Ribbon

This Ochre Ribbon

A mystery to me-

how did this ochre ribbon

come to rest upon my bed

when the sight on a site

of an ochre-robed monk

awakened memories

that lay sleeping peacefully

in my humble heart and head?

Where did it come from,

this ribbon tied at both ends

with ‘tales’ both short and long?

Long ago and far away,

we sat in reverent silence,

my ochre-robed Brothers and me,

our lives peaceful and serene,

disciplined, joyful simply to be

aware in the oneness of Life,

alive in the Light flowing free.

I recall the quiet contemplations,

the mystical prayers, the vibrations

of chants, the silent meditations.

This Now Version of me,

an old woman, a more worldly life,

still goes within now and then

but far less than when

I wore those ochre robes.

What have I learned/remembered

this Now Time around?

I am no victim ever

of this or any destiny.

I create and co-create it all-

every rise and fall and rise again…

I use the Wheel of Life

to Experience, to Evolve as I Revolve.

I choose it all, Ever Free

to stay Being in Perfect Oneness

or Forget my Self, then

venture forth and journey

through Wonders, Worlds, Adventures

Becoming even as this humble Human,

this Now Version, me

now holding this ochre ribbon,

a memory and mystery.

December 21, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria BC


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