Love, Joy and Peace

My Christmas Eve prayer is simply this:-

May our Love flow through and beyond

our temporary personality and mindset

to shine our Spirit’s wondrous Star-Light

of Christ-in-you, Life living as

the Way of Love.

May our Joy be the Remembering of

our Spirit, our True Nature, sacrificing

selfishness and self-interest in Caring,

Sharing and Good Will to All Beings as

living the Way of Joy.

May our Peace come through Respect

for Freedom and Freedoms, through

overcoming all Obstacles, Prejudices and

Misunderstandings about Life Itself, through

Respect for Life as both Unity and Diversity,

through Good Will as living

the Way of Peace.

Amen and Aumen.

December 24, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Love, Joy and Peace


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