It’s amazing to me

how Humans and E.T.s

create new visions

and new versions

and endless repeats

of states or places

we deem as ‘Hell’.

It’s amazing to me

how Humans and E.T.s

create and send

those we deem

as our Enemies

to places and situations

we all can see

made real as ‘Hell’.

I love the old story

buried in Scriptures

where before Jesus

ascended to Heaven

he ‘released the prisoners’

and so cleaned up

and cleared out ‘Hell’.

From that story I see

how Compassion

demonstrates Mastery,

most especially

to those called ‘Enemy’,

not creating and wishing

and sending them

to any version

we deem as ‘Hell’.

It’s amazing to me

how we Humans and E.T.s,

in physical forms or not,

still even judge ourselves

to experience ‘Hells’

through our beliefs

and misunderstandings

handed down through

earliest evolutions

and ideas about God.

May we release

those ‘prisoners’ too-

ourselves and others-

moving into Self-Mastery,

evolving our understandings,

cleaning up and clearing out

modern and primitive

visions and versions

of places and states

we’ve made real as ‘Hell’.

(January 5, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC)

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