I Wonder

I Wonder

I wonder about many things- things beyond my intellectual and emotional comprehension as well as those things I think and feel that I understand in some small measure.

‘How great Thou art’ I often say to Life, to God Present in the Essential Nature of Every Being and in Every Atom of Everything, in the Forces and Elements of Nature and in the Great Mystery Beyond Everything- the Great Oneness of It All.

I wonder about ‘big things’ and ‘small’.

This morning I was wondering about our Human uses of Earth’s Resources. Where would we be in our Technologies of Information and Communication, our Technologies of Transportation, our Manufacturing and Distribution of so much of our Building Materials, our Furniture, our Adornments, our Medical Technologies, our Food Production, our Basic Needs and Comforts and Entertainments that we enjoy- if not for Mining whether judged by some as ‘exploitations’ or ‘wise use’ by others? How would we be living without our Mining Industries?

Even more ‘Technologically Primitive’ Civilizations Mined to create Weapons and Utensils, Mining from Earth’s Resources too. How would they have lived without Mining?

When we are Mining the Moon, the Asteroids and the Planets, like Mars, how will Humanity benefit? Will very few benefit, as it is today? Or, will our Insatiable Need for Weapons to solve Problems, resulting in Extensive and Irrational Inventories of Weapons with the Profiting Need for their Use so more can be made, work to create our End? Will we create better Solutions through Spiritual Evolution of Understandings and Actions before we Self-Destruct? I wonder.

We are Complex Creatures, even more Complex than our present Machines, though A.I. in Machines is Advancing rapidly with our help- to the Point where it may soon go Beyond Serving us into Completely Ruling us. Our Creation, our Machine World, may Replace us Bit By Bit, Part By Part. We may laugh and scoff now, but what will we Become?

Where are we heading as we ‘Advance’, as we Move Forward? How will we Change Direction if we don’t like where we’re headed? How do we Navigate a Path Between Extremes?

As Individuals, we just pop in and out of Life Here on Earth. Where is our Collective Free Will of Humanity- as a Species of Human Animals and as Spirits in God-given Flesh- taking us?

In this Century, we have Almost taken some Exits from Life Here, as has happened with other Species. That Potential is now with us every single Day through those in Power (elected or not) as well as through Transformations of the Planet Itself creating Its Own Solutions.

In some Timelines, we’re all no longer here. I wonder what the Story of This Timeline will be?

January 16, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


4 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. So enjoyed this! Thought you might enjoy this quote from Einstein
    “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it”! LOL
    School classes would have been much more enjoyable and productive
    if this was a requirement for teachers!!! Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

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