Peace Within

Peace Within…
Jesus was born in the Land of Promises,
an ancient King of Peace returned,
King of Jerusalem, City of Peace,
King Melchizedek returned.
Angels announced the Arrival, his Spring birth.
Wise men searched to gift him too.
A humble birth, growing, gaining knowledge,

gaining wisdom, earning a living,

a man of flesh and blood he was,
with open mind and open heart to God…
Jesus experienced Christ Consciousness,
the Great Oneness, Self-Realized and

Baptized in the Holy Spirit,
Immersed in Cosmic Consciousness
Awakened Remembering the Great Glory of Spirit.
By letting go, by sacrificing smaller identity,

he became Christ, Christos,
Enlightened One.
He let go the glory of royalty for a greater glory still.
Jesus taught Peace and Love within-
Joy and Freedom within- all within.
Some understood him. Others did not.
Some wanted a Warrior-Messiah
to free them from slavish subservience.
He spoke of another Kingdom. The Kingdom within.
Like others before him, Jesus taught
of the Formless incarnating in Forms,
the concepts of God as Father and Son and the Holy Spirit-
that Pure Energy of God.
Not forgetting the Mother of Physical Life, Mary-

Mary symbolizes Maya,
Conceiver and Begetter and Body of Physicality and Life-Dreams.
‘Mystery-Impregnated’ by Spirit desiring Experience,

that Experience of more than Knowing now growing
beyond Conceptions, first Forgetting
Cycles to birth Souls Reborn in Maya.
Jesus taught God’s Eternal , Repeated Message-
the Message open minds and hearts love-

the Message of Oneness and Love… God’s Unconditional Love.

February 28, 2023
Shelley Audrey Wilson
Victoria, BC

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A Dream

A Dream…
I sat at the feet of the Buddha,
a man of flesh and blood to me.
I had to let go all my fine jewelry,
so rich and admired, so dear to me.
The Buddha enlightened, enlightening,
sharing his welcomed, hard-earned wisdom,
resonated, awakened and helped me
to find my own Middle Path, helped me
to ‘let go’ my small, dreaming ‘me’.
I found what mind and heart were seeking…
entering a stream of Cosmic Consciousness,
immersing back into Its glorious Oneness,
merging with the No-Thing that is Every-Thing,
blissful, peaceful, loving, even laughing.
Veils of Forgetfulness fall. Veils of Memory lift.
Remembering our Spirit, we see through
our Illusions- all our magical, creative Life-Dreams.
What did I find in Nirvana of Bliss?
On awakening, I found the Nirvana within,
Heaven-the Kingdom-Paradise, all within,
the Light, God’s Pure Love, Life Itself, all within.
On waking, I found the Source-Life within,
Peace, Joy, Love, Freedom, all within-
the True Nature of all- nothing superior
as parts of One Whole, the All and so
no one actually ‘holier than thou’ but
reminders, messengers, teachers remembering-
enlightening-awakening us to who we are
and gifting the wonder of what we can be.
Some call the Experience- Rapture and Revelation
Self-Realized, Actualized, Experienced…
some just ‘Argue Semantics’ still
while others Still in Silence going within.
Sitting at the feet of the Buddha-
was it a ‘real’ memory, another ‘dream’
within the Dream, you may wonder.
You get to decide, to choose the meaning-
even explain to exercise thinking
as you dance the Mind around
in the rhythms of your own Dream.
February 28, 2023
Shelley Audrey Wilson
Victoria, BC

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Tiny Bubbles

Your life and mine are tiny bubbles…

Tiny Bubbles

Your life and mine

are tiny bubbles

in the ever-flowing

Stream of Life

moving Seen and Unseen

throughout the Universe.

We are tiny bubbles,

part of the Stream Itself,

Life Itself, ever Life,

the Great Mystery,

moving, flowing,


ever-changing forms

then disappearing

as bubbles disappear

into the air around,

into the Unseen

and the Formless.

We are part

of Life Itself,

ever Life Alive,

ever Life Energy

appearing, disappearing,

flowing Energy

Seen and Unseen.

From Source we come.

To Source we return.

We are Ever and Always


August 31, 2022- February 28, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Vancouver Island

(My site here is full or near full so you can find this and other posts at FlowerpoetShelley. 💕✨)

A healthy hug 💕✨

Vancouver Island

I live where the Eagles are,

down below their nest.

In Canada’s Winter, I watch

Canada Geese circle and rest.

Here on Vancouver Island,

I walk beneath tall trees

in young and ancient forests

feeling in tune, in harmony.

No life goes unchallenged,

still I am greatly blessed

living here with the Eagles

and feeling the Spirit of the West.

February 27, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, Bc

Beneath a Tree

Vintage Photos

These photos were taken some years ago. I plan to post them on my new site of FlowerpoetShelley which is

This red themed layout of my photos has pics of some of my family and myself. Beside the poinsettia is my deceased beloved Mother, Dixie.To the right is my darling daughter, Alissa, at graduation. Below left is my sweet sister, Bev and cousin Lori in red. To the right is my sweet sister Bev now in red here and to her right is a woodland photo taken of me.

Some very vintage photos of my husband, Roger, my sweet children, Alissa and Aaron, and myself. The photos have some of my welding sculptures.