Compassion Acts-Two

Compassion Acts-Two

When our World shakes and quakes,

moved by deadly Forces of Fear

that divide, fracture, collapse

even the strongest, most powerful

Systems, Structures and Lives,

some Minds fall down into Despair.

Some Hearts crack open wide

to let the Love inside come out.

Even hard Hearts break to show Care,

to be the hands and tools of God

ever present in our World.

Words alone are never enough

to touch and heal deepest Sorrows

and to Free us from our Fears.

When Need calls out, Compassion Acts

without self-interest calculated.

Is the ‘Only Way’ or the ‘Direct Way’ blocked?

We find Another Way, Another Road,

or make one fast beside, even rough,

letting go what doesn’t work and

determined to break through-

bulldoze away ‘It can’t be done’.

We bring in Rescue Angels from above

with wings and blades to carry

like planes and helicopters

swiftly Overcoming Limitations

and Delays intentional or not.

We are all creators, problem solvers,

here to Experience, to Choose

who we are and to Decide

for ourselves who we’re not.

We all live in a quickly changing World

of increasing Challenges that shake

us to our Foundations, our Spirit

calmly observing whether we ‘live or die’.

(Our Spirit knows it cannot die.)

In every Challenge, we may ask

‘What would Love do now?’

then our Spirit can reveal ‘the How’.

God helps those who help themselves

and others. Compassion Acts.

February 9, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

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