Earth and Mars

Earth and Mars

Will we ever be done

with Beliefs and Leaders

of Politics and Theologies

that glorify War?

Will we ever grow past

our Loyalties to Dogmas,

to Zealots, to Radicals

that glorify War?

In the Language I write,

one word holds a Secret.

‘Wars’. Turn the ‘W’ of ‘Wars’

upside down to reveal

a truth long hidden.

‘Mars’. This name given

is Soul-Recognition,

a Soul-Memory in Myth,

a Story to Remember

Mars. Sometimes Old Stories

hide important truths.

Mars, the Olympic god

of War was not just one

human-looking god-man

adept at waging War.

Myths sometimes hold

hidden treasures, Secrets

that rewrite Histories

when found and understood.

Mars, the barren planet today,

is a very Ancient Relic

of great powers of destruction,

powers of ancient Species

attacking and defending,

a Relic and Evidence

of planet-killing Weapons.

Those ancient Weapons

with deadly powers to fear

were similar and greater than

those we now have here.

Like Earth, Mars was once

abundant with Water,

lush with Vegetation,

had many Species evolving-

some traveling with machines

through neighbouring Space.

My Martian Memories are Misty.

Were we the ‘Blue Gods’

or the ‘Nagas’ of Hindus?

Were we the ‘Elohim’

or the ‘Nephilim’?

Were we the ‘Star People’,

or the ‘Coyotls’, or the ‘Dragons’,

or the ‘Angels From Above’

appearing and disappearing?

Were these Us or Others,

Other Interstellar Species-

some benign, some hostile?

I’ve been these, too, before

and may become again

appearing in different forms

in and out of Spacetime,

exploring, experiencing Life,

Spirit ever moving

to and from Prime Source.

We Humans are as Children.

Our ‘Parents’ have Secrets and

believe it or not,

they don’t know Everything.

We must grow beyond our Fears.

Through Love, we go beyond our Fear.

Love is always the Answer here

on Earth, on Mars, Everywhere.

Will we ever be done

with False Needs and Horrendous Deeds?

February 14, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


2 thoughts on “Earth and Mars

  1. Thank you so, very much for typing this out!!! 😊🎁💕🌹 I loved it!! Especially, your first eight lines – say it all for me – tribes, politicians, witch doctors, religions etc. giving their “own” reasons to hate the “others”! Powerful message. Sadly, I think the answer to your last two lines will be no, or rather – not in my lifetime!! 😊💕🌹

    Liked by 1 person

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