Every Artist Has

Every Artist Has

Every Artist has a Heart-Song

you can hear and feel and see,

a symmetrical or asymmetrical

rhythm and harmony creating

through their signature frequencies

identifiable, recognizable Art

resonating with others or not.


Every Artist has a Heart-Song

with simple or complex themes

communicating their experiences,

their views, their loves, their dreams

through spectrums and scales

of light and sound and matter,

telling us who they are and wish to be.


We all hear an Artist’s Heart-Song.

All our Senses help us to know

when an Artist is truly free

to go where their Heart takes them,

to fulfill their chosen destiny

amidst a world of distractions,

of needs and desires met or not.


So many Artists craft their Arts

now in the present simultaneously-

now in the past of our history-

now in the future expressions-

manifesting creative energy,

all singing their own Heart-Songs

that work to shape world views.


Artists can advance our evolution,

create change, even revolution

in Understandings of who we are,

revealing through their imagination

glimpses of who we might be

co-creating as one in harmony

yet different as we can be.


Is it really any wonder

that any militant, dictatorial power

forces Artists to conform or cower

fearful of their own Heart-Songs

expressing their beauty creatively,

expressing their themes and dreams,

seen as threats to such Authority.


When Political, Religious, Commercial-

national and global bodies-

groups of people, systems and entities

are confident, secure, of their positions,

they pose no threat, no danger

to any Artists and their Heart-Songs

expressing Life freely and joyously.


February 22, 2023

(7 groups of 7 lines)

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


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