I gaze through my ‘looking glass’,

spellbound in Fascination.

The sight stirs Imagination.

I watch a young Tree sway,

led by a charming Winter Wind-

both dancing a slow waltz.

She dances sleepily, this young Tree,

her upper limbs moving lazily

with the gentle push and pull of Wind.

He charms and bends her body slightly

to Nature’s rhythms, holding tightly

as Nature’s music plays.

Wind instruments enchant with air.

I hear them all so clearly.

Off to the side, an old Tree stands,

his days now coming to an end.

Nature’s music barely moves him.

His scarred body tells old stories

to birds and squirrels passing by

or staying in his refuge home.

Ah, now the dance has ended.

An Eagle circles slowly overhead

as I start writing in my bed.

(February 23, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC)


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