I don’t know your Soul’s agenda.

I don’t know the Path you take

co-creating and navigating

the life you have or wish to make.

I don’t know your life story,

what has brought you peace or worry,

what now gives your life meaning,

the values of your being.

I don’t know who you are

as a Stranger near or far

living the life you’re in,

your thoughts and feelings within.

Perhaps someday, somehow we’ll meet

greeting each other as a Friend,

sharing our thoughts with trust,

never because we must vent hate.


Celestial beings and bodies, we gravitate,

we orbit, we move and resonate

with push and pull of forces

bringing us together, pulling apart.

Evolving to ‘Global Consciousness’, then

‘Citizens of the Universe’ so very

strange and beautiful and diverse, we’ll see

that ‘strange’ isn’t wrapped in fear

when true Love of Life grows here.

Even now, some live in higher Awareness,

Caring Connection, Spirit of Unity,

Voluntary Sharing, Global Community,

Re-Defined, Re-Divined Family-

inclusive, not exclusive,

expressing a higher form of Love

and Respect for Life far above

what most of Humanity sees now.

Most Humans have few Opportunities,

few Basic Necessities, food and shelter,

no indoor plumbing, electricity,

rights and freedoms, that we Humans

all could have if we’re All Willing,

not declaring “It can’t be done “

or “thank God” because Those Billions

don’t include you and me.

Have we made ourselves ‘Strangers’

to a God of Pure, Unconditional Love by

justifying selfishness, greed, indifference,

or acting out anger as violence (offence-defence)

‘claiming’ and ‘blaming’ an Angry God, even

a Fearsome, Vengeful, Violent God.

Are we even ‘Strangers’ to ourselves?

The Spirit of God is Love and our Spirit is too.

God Bless Us Everyone.


February 23, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

(photo taken by my daughter last year)


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