Spring Flowers

Earth rebirths in Spring
Cheery Daffodils Reborn Before the Easter Morn’
Flowers in Bright Light
Sweet Little Flowers Delight

Loud Sounds and Soft Whispers

Setting sun and seashore Vancouver Island

Loud Sounds and Soft Whispers

When I leave this busy, noisy World

in soft and humble farewell whispers

like a gentle breeze passing through

or autumn leaves carried to ground

with barely a notice, barely a sound,

I’ll leave little more than memories

held in those few lives I’ve known…

Even those memories will soon erase

like footprints on a seashore

when tides of time leave no trace…

In time, we’ll all be forgotten,

all our cherished loved ones here,

even Mankind’s most famous few

and our technological civilization too,

gone and forgotten in time

leaving little behind or buried deep…

A few ruins, artifacts and fragments

will be telling of our passing presence

with its signs disappearing in time…

Will Humanity die and disappear

in loud sounds or farewell whispers?

Earth transforms, renews its body

slowly through Ages, quickly through Dramas.

Our Star, our Sun, is aging too.

Its solar storms and solar winds

will someday cease and be gone as well.

Everything physical is impermanent

with constant change in the firmament

as Spirit pervades and passes through.

March 29, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Sunset at the seashore

There Is An Experience

Some photos I took yesterday at a park called French Beach on Vancouver Island

There Is An Experience


practical, ‘realistic’, logical,

‘no nonsense’ common sense

or ‘airy fairy’ and ‘flighty’,

‘religious’ or not,

judged by others as

‘saint’ or ‘sinner’,

‘rule-maker’ or ‘rule-breaker’,

any age, race, gender,

‘pragmatist’ or ‘dreamer’

of what could be

a happier, healthier world…

creators and co-creators,

‘believers’ and ‘non-believers’

of different versions of God

and various visions of Heaven,

asking ‘who am I?’ or

‘why am I here?’- asking

questions or not…

there is an Experience

many have known, now know,

found in quiet stillness-

body in any position

comfortable, resting and

calmly focused within

or found in moving action-

in dancing and creativity,

‘in the zone’ of sports,

in ‘mindfulness walking’-

time stretched in awareness

and in time ‘standing still’,

a oneness with Life Itself…

this is the holy Experience

when body-mind-soul align

in the spirit of oneness…

a star formation in line,

a triangle in design,

a circle of oneness…

a remembrance, a force,

an energy clean and clear-

loving, joyful, peaceful,

serene, divine, sublime…

uplifting, re-energizing-

remembering and being

wondrous, a oneness

with Life while still or moving,

a feeling of Freedom at last,

a feeling of Harmony

and Well Being…

Loving Life Loving Us

and taking us above and

beyond limits of even words

like God is Love…


March 28, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC