You Came Here To Dance

Swirling Dancers. This is my digital art from a photo I took. I’ve used software to create similar flower statements of Dance as a fun hobby.
My poem written, printed and photographed this morning. I’ll key it out as well.

You Came Here To Dance

Life says, You came here to Dance,

to Dance in groups or with a partner

or changing partners or even

to Dance alone…

Life is a Harmony of rhythms

all happening simultaneously

moving fast and moving slow

here and everywhere in all directions…

We move in and out of the physical flow-

Seen and Unseen, we come and go…

Sometimes we lose our Balance

learning to Master our own Steps-

Life’s Beloved Children,

we’re learning, remembering our Steps…

Life sees and gently guides us

to think for ourselves, to choose

how we feel, E-motions responding

to collective rhythms or creating

rhythms all on our own…

Our Souls came here to Dance…

Before we’re born, we choose

‘Where’ in the Cosmos we wish to Dance-

God’s Free Will Gift to our Souls.

Love and Growth move us ever

to Places, to Cultures, to People

Dancing in Harmonizing Rhythms-

Souls’ Agendas moving Together…

We Dance in Harmony Together

even ‘off Balance’ sometimes-

choosing, ‘rechoosing’ our Steps…

Some move through Life Solitary

Dancing Individuality through Life.

Some move Together As One

in Disciplined Harmony,

Rhythmically Rippling and Merging

their Individuality…

Over the Movements of many Dances,

many Lifetimes, many Timelines,

Souls experience many Steps

in the Wonder and Beauty and Glories

of Unity in Diversity, Diversity in Unity,

the Divine Energy of Life’s Dance…

We all came here to Dance…

(March 6, 2023-Shelley Audrey Wilson-Victoria, BC)


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