This is an old photo of my Great Grandmother and her two children, all of Leeds in England. Left to right is Hannah who took on the surname Dacre then Berry. She lived in Shanghai for a while before joining her son, Christopher Saxon Dacre who had emigrated to Detroit, Michigan where he became an American and then there’s my Mother’s Mother, Dorothy Hannah Dacre who took on the surname Thicke when she married a Canadian and became a Canadian citizen… On my Father’s side, I am only an eighth generation Canadian as well.


We’re all Immigrants here in this Evolving

God’s Kingdom, God’s Queendom, God’s World,

this Alien Garden Planet, our World…

We came here, as the poet Wordsworth says,

trailing clouds of glory from God who is our Home…

It doesn’t matter what Names we assign

to that Home- Heaven, Paradise, Source…

It doesn’t matter what Names we assign

to that God- Names we hold holy, sacred, dear-

any more than how we pray to our God

in postures alone or in gatherings of many…

We can’t ever lose our Root Connection

to the Divine, though we might think it so

losing our awareness of Spirit Home, God,

forgetting God’s Unconditional Love Everlasting,

imagining our bodies as all there is…

We may claim Lands and Waters of Earth,

embrace Technological Wonders, Knowledge

of Scientific Facts, even while still clinging

to primitive beliefs like the World is flat

– or there’s some devil negating God’s power-

negating absolute, omnipotent, glory of God power

-or saying one Religion, one Race, one System,

one Country, one Creed, one Family called Humans

is superior, more worthy, Better and Best…

We are as Immigrant Children on this Planet

of many Languages, many Names- like ‘Earth’.

Even now, our Species struggles to fully Adapt.

When our individual ‘why we are here’ is complete,

we leave behind our bodies, our ‘Immigrant Stories’-

we leave behind the effects of our life-

how we touched the Earth, the Animals,

the lives of Family, Friends and Strangers-

moving back to our Home in God Source again-

where we stay or explore physical life once or

even many times more… Immigrants again…

March 25, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


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