Meaningful Short Sentences

Abstract Tree and Shrub. I created this from a night photo I took around Christmas one year by swinging a camera I had at the time then playing with the image in Photoshop software. It has nothing to do with the poem except the creation of meaning. 🤗😂💕✨

Meaningful Short Sentences

Short sentences

command, demand,

reveal, conceal,

uplift, depress,

heal, stress,

agitate, motivate

and more…


or tone of voice

adds layers

to context

even more…

Start. Stop!

Hold on. Let go!

Come here. Go away!

I see. I didn’t know!

Be well. Don’t tell!

Fear not. Watch out!

You’re hired. You’re fired!

I love you. I hate you!

She said “Yes”. He said “No”!

Move along. Fight on!

Time to go. Stay here!

Thank you. Bless you!

This Language

has more…

Do others?

I don’t know.

March 26, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


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