Acrylics on paper on canvas. This is a ‘loose weaving’ of strips of my recycled paintings. It was a fun project for using my previous creations in a different way. I don’t know if I’m the first to do this or if I’m just ‘reinventing the wheel’. Lol

Mosaic 4

Acrylics on paper on canvas. This is the last of this series of four ‘mosaics’ created for the fun of it just as I did as a child. Now 70, I can still feel that quietly focused immersion in the joy of simple artistic creations even in this challenging world created and co-created for our evolutionary spiritual growth.

Stay At Home Mosaic 1

Afternoon sunlight on my mosaic creation of acrylics on paper on canvas changes the colours in a subtle and pleasing way to my perception. I have three more to do. Paint. Cut. Paste. Seal. Share. I have discovered that my mosaic projects are in colour harmony with Hubble’s release images of The Cosmic Reef. Wonders of the Universe!🤩😍😁