Go Within



 (my digital music composition ‘Every Winter Ends With Spring’)

Go within. Go within.

Close your eyes.

Let ‘Busy Thoughts’ rest.

Let ‘To Do’s sleep

for there are Treasures

in your deep space within.

Rest your mind. Rest your mind.

Just be aware.

Now you’re aware.

You are aware

of Treasures there

so deep within:

your resources,

your riches,

your wealth within,

Life’s wealth within.

Spend Time within.

Open your chest.

Open your heart

to wondrous Treasures,

transforming Treasures

you’ve carried within.

Treasures to value

are buried deep within.

Here’s Life Itself.

Here’s Brilliant Love

and Beautiful Peace,

Precious Freedom

and Sparkling Joy.

It’s all within.

Feel the wonder

of Life’s presents

in Its Presence.

…Breathe It in…

Then…breathe It out…

This is what

your life’s about.


(Shelley Wilson- 18/03/2016)





The Shift


(my digital music composition created through purchase on Catooh/Magix Music Maker- I called it ‘Love Only Love’)(I created this painting in the photo as well:)

We read the News and wonder Why

Humanity is so Impoverished, Desperate,

Oppressed by Fear, Enslaved by Greed,

MOST living without Basic Needs,

while Cultures of Violence spread everywhere.

Our News is ‘Old Stories’, History Repeated, ‘Renewsed’.

Dinosaurs of War STILL Dominate Earth.

Reptilian Gods of Aggression and Deception

with Technologies and Psychologies

STILL Command Human Blood Sacrifice,

feeding Energies of Terror and Pain

to Parasites of this and other Dimensions.

Their Global Agenda: Control the Masses-

Scripting Traditions, World Views, and Tragic Events

to bring themselves Great Wealth and Gain.

POWER OVER is the Name of their Game.

We are Deceived and made Hollow

for Reptile Hearts and Dragon Minds

UNLESS Love is Strong and Hope Remains.

Now Humans Must Learn to Question and Discern.

We Must Adapt, Grow New Senses More Aware,

to Grow in Love and Show we Dare

Be More than Fodder, Feed, and Toys.

Our God is LIFE, with Reverence for Life.

Our God is LOVE, with Respect for Life.

Our God is FREEDOM, liberating Life.

Our God is PEACE, sustaining Life.

Our God is JOY, creating Joy through Life.


We are United in Values of Life’s Worth

as Energies SHIFT to Earth’s Rebirth.


(Shelley Wilson- 09/03/2016)

Names and Numbers


(my digital music composition ‘Fragile Thread’)


How Humanity loves to Name and Count,

Name and Count, Name and Count.

We Name Numbers and Count Names.

From Birth to Death we are Names and Numbers,

Names and Numbers, Names and Numbers.

Without Name and Number, do we Exist?

Did we ever Exist?

We Measure and Weigh our Beingness

through Names and Numerical Scripts.

We see all Life through Lenses of Name and Number.

Everything must have a Name. An I.D.

‘Flora’, ‘Fauna’, the ‘Elements’, ‘God’, et al…

We Multiply Languages. We Multiply Names.

Everything must be Counted and Measured.

Observe. Record. Teach. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat…

Memorize. Computerize. Robotize…

Through Filters of Prejudice we Create and Destroy

using Powers of Numbers and Names.

The Civility of Civilizations is Measured

by Names and Numbers. Tested. Observed.

And so it is with us

and all Species who Name and Count

among the Nameless, Countless Stars.



History As Story-Telling


   my digital music composition ‘The Prejudices of Geography’

How we love our Stories,

Old and New,

even with Facts and Fictions

mingled too-

Histories, Hi Stories,

both False and True.

What to Believe? What Not?

Do we Question? Or Not?

Bright ones Dare. Most do Not.

Our Storytellers know

to Repeat…Repeat…Repeat…

Our Story Writers know

their Power…Power…Power…

How we love our Stories,

Old and New,

even with Facts and Fictions

mingled too-

Histories, Hi Stories,

both False and True.

Gray Skies

my digital photo and painting

my digital photo and painting 

Gray Skies

Alone, a gray seagull flies

across the gray-layered skies

to where I stand on this shore-

still, alone, and young no more.

Beyond the gray-watered sea

lie lands hidden in mystery-

gray mountains I cannot climb

and gray mists disappearing Time.

I look far beyond with no fear

as the mists draw ever near

and my soul prepares for flight

back to the great, eternal Light.

Till then, I’m enjoying here

with all I love and hold most dear.

I choose a true poetic view-

freeing everything I do.

I walk this world and the next

through sight and sound and text.

I create each step of my own tracks

or fly upon  seabirds’ backs

to dance the winds of oceans

and celebrate my emotions.

My thoughts dive deep, deep and free-

far beyond what eyes can see.

My thoughts rise high, high and free-

far beyond what eyes can see.

Then, beyond Thought I can go

to where I am Life itself- and


In an instant I am Here-here

watching gray skies slowly clear.


R U AWARE (my digital music composition)

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r u aware & do u care?
our language is shrinking
ever faster, faster, faster
abbreviating reason to extinction
as our patience now is shrinking
ever faster, faster, faster
using language rude and crude
angry gestures rude and crude…
r u aware & do u care?
the culture of our society
aspiring to dumb & dumber, dumb & dumber
is now fashioned by pornography
making everyone an ass
making everyone an ass
dumb & dumber, dumb & dumber
easier to control, easier to control…
r u aware & do u care?
hypnotized masses watch
as media feeds violence, scripted ‘realities’
& entertainers frivolous lives
while millions slowly starve
by intention & neglect
cruel & crueler, cruel & crueler
death & suffering entertainment
cruel& crueler, cruel & crueler…
r u aware & do u care?
our freedoms are shrinking
ever faster, ever faster
fingerprinting freedom to extinction-
devaluing lives in greater numbers
no common cents, no common sense
democracy becomes a sham
before all see that it is gone
for false security, it is gone
with scripted threats, it is gone…
‘wAkey-wAkey’ little children!
we’ve let in the clones
and the implants have just begun
cameras everywhere, everywhere
ever more, ever more
robot people watching people
brainwashed people everywhere
easier to control, easier to control…
Are YOU aware and do YOU care?

 (September, 2012)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

A Work In Progress

my drawing and embroidery

Close Your Eyes And Ride The Stream (my digital music composition)

A Work In Progress

I pick up my embroidery
begun when I was young.
Before I’m gone I’ll pass along
what has inspired me.

I am risen from the Sea-
a Tree of Life arisen-
rooted in Earth’s Great Deep,
growing leaves in Heaven.
You ask ‘How can this be?
-for we are left to weep
those held in Death’s Great Sleep.’

I say ‘Weep not, nor fear.
Like seed to flower to fruit,
each different yet the same-
like babe to youth to aged,
each different yet the same-
your Life’s form will ever change.
Why is a new Life’s form so strange?’

‘Your body is like clothes you wear,
revealing neglect or showing care.
You take them off. You put them on.
You wear some short. You wear some long.’

‘Life’s Mystery unfolds each day,
transforming Life in every way.
Your Life is Life is Energy,
God’s own Beloved Mystery.’

‘Many have spoken in God’s Name,
making judgments, fear, and strife,
but God says plainly God is Life!
Life Itself is the Process Divine
using tools of Space and Time-
a Micro-Macro Process sublime.
In this creating, evolving Process,
we are simply A Work In Progress.’

A few stitches more before I’m done
my perfect imperfection.
I’ve given it my best
before I’m laid to rest.
Yet, there’s ever another poem in me
with my next Life form’s embroidery.

Shelley Wilson August 26, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

The Country Cottage

Fragile Thread (my digital music composition)

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The Country Cottage

What is this magic that inspires and charms?
The smell of herbs and spices float in air
around painted fruit and florals here and there.
Quiet and calm, the busy pace slowed down,
we are invited to just simply ‘Be’.
No clocks-Time is measured by songbirds now.
What is the charm of a Country Cottage
if not the gathered flowers and plants inside
where Nature and Harmony abide
amidst furnishings creating a Home.
Light and shadows, changing colours entertain.
What is the charm of a Country Cottage
if not the flowers, grasses, vines, and trees
that enchant with Beauty’s power to please
the Soul and Senses awakened to Life.
Gone is the world of greed and endless strife,
beliefs that kill, and all-consuming ‘need’.
This life in a Country Cottage is rich indeed…
Earth in the Heavens… and Heaven on Earth.

July 27, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley