Love Sees Beauty

A souvenir picture from this Winter, frost on the rear window of my car. 💙

Love Sees Beauty

Love sees Beauty in ‘imperfections’,

in the ‘ordinary and common’ sights,

in the chaos that births creation

where awe and wonder delights.

Love sees Beauty present in every form

though judged by many a human-

feet, ears, nose judged ‘too big’, ‘too small’,

‘too little’ fat or ‘too much’,

‘too short’ in stature, ‘too tall’,

‘bad hair day’, no hair at all,

warts, pimples, scars and wrinkles-

Love sees Beauty through it all.

Love sees treasures of Beauty

in rocks, in weeds, in grasses that sway,

in taken-for-granted inventions,

in Nature’s abstract and fractal formations,

in sunset skies reflected on water,

in weather ‘events’ or calm of a day.

Love sees Beauty in the artist’s mess

transforming chaos into creations-

spills, sound-jumbles, rips, smudges, smears,

trash-treasures, excavations, explosions

moving dirt to build, to form

something new like the formation of stars.

Love sees Beauty through it all.

We see through the ‘eyes’ of God

when we see through Love for all.

March 27, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


Meaningful Short Sentences

Abstract Tree and Shrub. I created this from a night photo I took around Christmas one year by swinging a camera I had at the time then playing with the image in Photoshop software. It has nothing to do with the poem except the creation of meaning. 🤗😂💕✨

Meaningful Short Sentences

Short sentences

command, demand,

reveal, conceal,

uplift, depress,

heal, stress,

agitate, motivate

and more…


or tone of voice

adds layers

to context

even more…

Start. Stop!

Hold on. Let go!

Come here. Go away!

I see. I didn’t know!

Be well. Don’t tell!

Fear not. Watch out!

You’re hired. You’re fired!

I love you. I hate you!

She said “Yes”. He said “No”!

Move along. Fight on!

Time to go. Stay here!

Thank you. Bless you!

This Language

has more…

Do others?

I don’t know.

March 26, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Seeking Harmony and Balance In Relationships

I created this fun mosaic with pieces from some of my recycled acrylic paintings. It was an unplanned composition that just evolved without my mind analyzing every addition and so to me is more fun. I do seek a harmony and balance respecting differences in relationships here, as is my hope for Gender Issues for Humanity.
A different view
Another perspective
Seeing another way

Playing With Sticks

My young child self playing with sticks

Playing With Sticks

I’m old in years, young at heart,

still a child entertaining myself,

randomly moving Thoughts about-

playing happily with sticks

in the playground of my mind-

sticks like ‘Crafts for a Practical Purpose’,

‘Arts for Aesthetic Pleasures’,

‘Art for Art’s Sake alone’…

Sometimes Definition-Descriptions

seem to overlap, lines get blurry-

a weaving to hang on a wall,

a painting to complement a couch,

a chair never meant to sit on,

a clay pot to admire, not to use,

a song to advertise products to sell,

a drum roll to start a revolution,

a book of writings to pay the rent,

an arrangement of flowers celebrating occasion,

a sculpture to support some weighty books…

When does Fine Art serve Practical Purpose?

Why does Fine Art hold higher Status?

What gives it Value…Provenance-

the record and status of Owners,

the Creator’s location, associations,

personal history, educational foundations,

the Creators artsy story,

their cultural-national identity,

technical skills and accuracy,

originality of style, composition,

trending themes, power to please,

the placement and jargon of Display?

When does Craft become Fine Art too?

We seek and make many kinds of Crafts

judging usefulness, quality, design-

both Functions and Aesthetics of Design.

We deem several Arts Fine-

Human Creative Expressions

that we hold in high esteem

but then judge much what is or isn’t ‘fine’

depending on tastes, yours and mine.

Opinions vary, people invest money,

Subjective-Objective Decisions of Value,

buying or selling, commodity trading,

marketing Creations and Creators-

those still living or profitably dead,

compounding praise and short or long term gains.

Often, Arts and Crafts become Competitions

of Winners and Losers, Victories and Defeats,

a myriad Creative Expressions Valued or Not.

Some people make and buy them just for Fun,

some to be in the presence of Beauty

in whatever form it takes.

Some people thrive on, invest in Ugliness,

a Subjective-Objective Opinion, a Statement

of how they feel and see Life around them,

the makers, the sellers, the buyers-

a Declaration of who they choose to be

in the presence of Ugliness, a Dissonance.

Arts often express and stir Imaginations.

Crafts often inspire, evoke Imagination too.

Both stretch Education beyond mere Knowledge,

beyond Rigid Data of Information

by Sprinkling Stardust on Numbers and Words,

Symbols, Sounds, Physical Actions

merging the Mundane into the Sublime.

Creative Processes enrich Cultures.

Will we let Machines create Everything-

making us the Robots, the Working Consumers

increasingly working for the Machines?

I wonder about such things

while playing with sticks in my mind.

March 8, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Celebrating Women

In Respect and Praise of Women.

Celebrating Women

In Respect and Praise of Women,

we celebrate around the World,

Women for Women, Men for Women too-

Men enlightened by the Spirit of Love-

true and genuine, ringing true.

Women dress themselves in Colours,

many Colours- bright or subtle Hue-

Bodies and Auras, Minds and Hearts

like the shades and tints of Blue-

calming, comforting, resilient too.

The Divine Feminine is Ever Present

in this Realm our Souls are passing through,

ever creating and evolving Life being

and becoming, Celebrating Life as we do.

(for March 8th on the Global Calendar)

March 3, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Pastimes 4

This is digital art from my hobby photography. I am a retired floral designer.
I call these my Number Doodles.
Playing with Numbers, I began my own meanings to them.
On the right is more Number play adding my own meanings to them. Ti the left are some of my Number Shapes I created on my desktop. I am pretty much Math illiterate, a psychological block one might say but it would be so much more fun if I was Math literate. I explore many Arts and Crafts so play with Numbers that way. 🤩😍💕✨
Some of my weavings as personality portraits for family and friends…
More Personality Portraits for Family and Friends
And a few more…
Acrylic paint, beach glass, digital art… I have four large canvases waiting for acrylic paint or oil paint or both but will wait till the Spring warmth or early Summer to play with them outside because of the fumes they give off. I wonder what these canvases will become…🎨🪄💕✨

Glimpses of Pastimes 3

One of my Acrylics on Canvas Paintings
Weaving in Progress for Memories of Egypt
Digital Computer Art of my Photograph
Creating a Vision Board and an old photo of me at Le Foret Enchante in a former trading post, Eastern Quebec
Crafts done years ago with my husband

My next posts won’t upload so I may assume this free sight is Full. If you wish, I have a new site as FlowerpoetShelley now residing at

The Whys Surprise

The Whys Surprise

I seem to be developing

a Cultural Case of ‘The Whys’

that comes to me as a Surprise.


Why did Men make up a Story

many people still believe,

a ‘Shame and Blame Story’,

the Tale of Adam and Eve-

Woman, the Seductive Temptress

(corrupted by an Evil Snake)

so willingly and able to lead

astray, to disobey, to deceive

Man, the ‘Fallen Innocent’,

the ‘Victim’ who must pay-

cast out from Paradise,

the Son who ‘lost his way’

because Woman ‘disobeys’-

a ‘Cautionary Tale’

told to so many Children

through the Ages and Today???

(The message here of course-

Do Not Dare To Disobey!)


Why did Men conceive their God

as Male with ‘Body Parts’ like them,

punishing and condemning,

a commanding Father-Figure,

a Fearsome Final-Authority

(often Imagined with a Beard)

they’d best Worship and Obey,

denying Females any rights

or they’ll lead all Men astray???


Why must Women hide their hair,

hide their bodies, hide their faces,

hide their intelligence and abilities,

(Disobedience demand ‘penalties’

harsh and cruel, some Cultures say.)

only serving Men to please

still Today in many Cultures

claiming God demanding these

Gender Laws and Rules to please

Deity or is it Deities???

(It may depend on where you live.)


Why are Women in some Cultures

painted, filmed, stripped nude

then judged indecent, even lewd,

an ‘Em-bar-rass-ment’ to Women,

(though some Women desire Women)

a ‘Sex-As-Dirty Tease’ for Men-

(though some Men desire Men)

Men believing they’re all Superior

from Stories told by other Men,

like God is Male with ‘Parts’ like them,

they’re ‘in His Image’ after all,

didn’t God talk to Mostly Men

in Scripture Stories, Tales for Men

and those Compliant Women

living well by pleasing Men???


As in Science, we Advance

through our Courageous Questions

to help us Understand.

(Perhaps even become ‘The Wise’?)

Who has Intelligent Answers

to Beliefs we carry still

in World Views, in Laws that guide us,

in God-Beliefs we kill and die for

even faring into Space?

Respecting All, the Human Race,

maybe now we’ll discover

God is Ever, Only Love.

(God Bless Us All, Everyone.)


February 23, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, Bc

Future Car

Future Car

I dream of my future Car,

(probably not in this lifetime)

a vehicle of futuristic design

fully equipped for flight,

perhaps like those that are

now hidden away from sight

until someone figures out how

to map highways in the sky.

My dream car is energy efficient

and sufficient for needs and wishes.

With it, I jet or travel slow

wherever I’m free to go.

It’s body is painted iridescent

and in the dark, it’s luminescent,

fitted with lights that clearly beam

signals to other cars that seem

like something out of dreams.

Front and back and sides,

my car has changeable lights

shining, sparkling white or gold

or even infrared for night.

I speak to my beautiful car,

perhaps I’ll call her Emily Carr,

an Artist, Nature-love driven,

and my car speaks back to me.

Do I want my Music, my GPS?

Of all the options to choose,

I won’t let my car drive me.

‘I’ll drive myself, thank you!’

Alas, my car’s just in my head.

Imagination fed, I’ll now stay

or drive the car outside my door,

a car I do hope will last,

my ‘golden chariot’ way long past

when it was new (like me).

Imagination makes me chuckle.

Buckle up and fly with me!


February 22, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Every Artist Has

Every Artist Has

Every Artist has a Heart-Song

you can hear and feel and see,

a symmetrical or asymmetrical

rhythm and harmony creating

through their signature frequencies

identifiable, recognizable Art

resonating with others or not.


Every Artist has a Heart-Song

with simple or complex themes

communicating their experiences,

their views, their loves, their dreams

through spectrums and scales

of light and sound and matter,

telling us who they are and wish to be.


We all hear an Artist’s Heart-Song.

All our Senses help us to know

when an Artist is truly free

to go where their Heart takes them,

to fulfill their chosen destiny

amidst a world of distractions,

of needs and desires met or not.


So many Artists craft their Arts

now in the present simultaneously-

now in the past of our history-

now in the future expressions-

manifesting creative energy,

all singing their own Heart-Songs

that work to shape world views.


Artists can advance our evolution,

create change, even revolution

in Understandings of who we are,

revealing through their imagination

glimpses of who we might be

co-creating as one in harmony

yet different as we can be.


Is it really any wonder

that any militant, dictatorial power

forces Artists to conform or cower

fearful of their own Heart-Songs

expressing their beauty creatively,

expressing their themes and dreams,

seen as threats to such Authority.


When Political, Religious, Commercial-

national and global bodies-

groups of people, systems and entities

are confident, secure, of their positions,

they pose no threat, no danger

to any Artists and their Heart-Songs

expressing Life freely and joyously.


February 22, 2023

(7 groups of 7 lines)

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Child’s Play

Child’s Play

Well, here I am at 72

playing with Art,

carefree as a Child

creating Art for Fun,

finding Joy in Process,

spontaneous, having Fun.

Others may Judge it,

the before and after,

the start to the finished,

but Ego and Mind aside,

I don’t see it being

either Good or Bad,

Right or Wrong in execution,

Amateurish or Professional,

something to value

with praise or money,

or something to trash,

not good enough

when I am done.

Well, to be honest,

my Ego and Mind

may yet jump on it,

this Child’s Play Art,

may turn my Joy

into Cold Judgment,

deciding its Good or Bad,

but for now it’s

a Creative Present

from Me to Me

and I’m just having


February 19, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC