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Three Simple Abstract Mosaics

This is the last in my series of three abstract acrylic mosaics with no subject planned or attended but it turned out to have three crosses in the composition, perhaps synchronized as a post before Good Friday though also unplanned. I find abstract art often speaks to my layered consciousness.
This is the second of my abstract acrylic mosaics made from some of my ‘recycled’ paintings. I didn’t aim for perfection in cutting mosaic pieces, some of which are little abstract paintings in themselves.
This is the first of my abstract acrylic mosaics previously posted a few weeks ago. Again, I made no attempt at ‘machine perfection’ here and it was all composed as a spontaneous abstraction. If there’s a message, it could be ‘I’m enjoying the Process and having Fun.’ 😁💕✨

Daffodil Magic

April Daffodils in Victoria, BC

Daffodil Magic

I stopped my car to see Daffodils

splattered like paint on canvas hills,

an enchanting and wondrous sight.

There in the golden morning light,

their yellow faces shone so bright

as if Nature had painted each Flower

giving it the awesome power

to banish cares away that day.

With such great Beauty everywhere,

I took many photos to treasure

and view later with savoured pleasure.

Photos may hold Daffodil Beauty

but their Magic is still in me.

April 3, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Love Sees Beauty

A souvenir picture from this Winter, frost on the rear window of my car. 💙

Love Sees Beauty

Love sees Beauty in ‘imperfections’,

in the ‘ordinary and common’ sights,

in the chaos that births creation

where awe and wonder delights.

Love sees Beauty present in every form

though judged by many a human-

feet, ears, nose judged ‘too big’, ‘too small’,

‘too little’ fat or ‘too much’,

‘too short’ in stature, ‘too tall’,

‘bad hair day’, no hair at all,

warts, pimples, scars and wrinkles-

Love sees Beauty through it all.

Love sees treasures of Beauty

in rocks, in weeds, in grasses that sway,

in taken-for-granted inventions,

in Nature’s abstract and fractal formations,

in sunset skies reflected on water,

in weather ‘events’ or calm of a day.

Love sees Beauty in the artist’s mess

transforming chaos into creations-

spills, sound-jumbles, rips, smudges, smears,

trash-treasures, excavations, explosions

moving dirt to build, to form

something new like the formation of stars.

Love sees Beauty through it all.

We see through the ‘eyes’ of God

when we see through Love for all.

March 27, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC