Future Car

Future Car

I dream of my future Car,

(probably not in this lifetime)

a vehicle of futuristic design

fully equipped for flight,

perhaps like those that are

now hidden away from sight

until someone figures out how

to map highways in the sky.

My dream car is energy efficient

and sufficient for needs and wishes.

With it, I jet or travel slow

wherever I’m free to go.

It’s body is painted iridescent

and in the dark, it’s luminescent,

fitted with lights that clearly beam

signals to other cars that seem

like something out of dreams.

Front and back and sides,

my car has changeable lights

shining, sparkling white or gold

or even infrared for night.

I speak to my beautiful car,

perhaps I’ll call her Emily Carr,

an Artist, Nature-love driven,

and my car speaks back to me.

Do I want my Music, my GPS?

Of all the options to choose,

I won’t let my car drive me.

‘I’ll drive myself, thank you!’

Alas, my car’s just in my head.

Imagination fed, I’ll now stay

or drive the car outside my door,

a car I do hope will last,

my ‘golden chariot’ way long past

when it was new (like me).

Imagination makes me chuckle.

Buckle up and fly with me!


February 22, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC