You are invited to question…
What does Paradise mean to you?
Humanity’s Childhood Stories

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A Quilting Story

Stitching by hand and by machine, I made this large quilt for my son
My son has an interest in Astronomy so I purchased this material and hand quilted it in random lines. I’ve also made a lap quilt for my daughter and before that a ‘postage stamp’ style quilt as well.

A Quilting Story

Growing up, I watched my Mother, Dixie, develop many interests including Quilting.

Quilting Books, templates, fabrics of all kinds gradually filled up her ‘Sewing Room’. We often said that she could open her own fabric shop, amused by the volume of textiles added to her collection of many yarns, sewing machines, threads and just about every accessory ever invented for Sewing, Knitting and Quilting. As well as learning needlework from her Mother, Dorothy, she took adult courses at the local highschool for Sewing and Quilting. She also had lessons from a professional Quilter in that lady’s home when Mom was boarding there to attend a college training course to be a Registered Nursing Aide. Mom excelled in her nursing because she genuinely cared. Her passion for Quilting led her to create a total of about five baby quilts I’m told. I never actually saw them but I’m sure they were cherished gifts.

As for the fabrics, well, she brought most of her years of gathered inventory to a Church craft and yard sale. Dad and I helped Mom set up her tables piled high with many colours, patterns, textures and lengths of material. It was a sight to behold. It all sold.

For about $100.00 an excited Vietnamese refugee couple sponsored by Church members became the enthusiastic possessors of thousands of dollars of fabric . Mom was so pleased to help them out. She made $300.00 that day. I still recall seeing Dad’s face as he quietly chuckled and shook his head. As did I.

March 18, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

See You Later

See You Later

Though it’s been fun

being here- reading

and writing, it seems

my eyes do need

a rest from screens.

I’ve had a good run

these past few days.

You’ve enriched me

in many ways

and I hope too

the same for you.

Still, my eyes need

a rest from screens.

I’ll rejoin you

in a short while.

Sending a hug

and a happy smile.


March 11, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Tiny Bubbles

Your life and mine are tiny bubbles…

Tiny Bubbles

Your life and mine

are tiny bubbles

in the ever-flowing

Stream of Life

moving Seen and Unseen

throughout the Universe.

We are tiny bubbles,

part of the Stream Itself,

Life Itself, ever Life,

the Great Mystery,

moving, flowing,


ever-changing forms

then disappearing

as bubbles disappear

into the air around,

into the Unseen

and the Formless.

We are part

of Life Itself,

ever Life Alive,

ever Life Energy

appearing, disappearing,

flowing Energy

Seen and Unseen.

From Source we come.

To Source we return.

We are Ever and Always


August 31, 2022- February 28, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Yet I Still Write

Yet I Still Write

Sitting on an old, mossy tree stump

I whimsically call The Poet’s Chair,

I wonder, Why do I write?

I throw and skip my words

across many a smooth page

like pebbles cast to dance

across a placid pond

then watch them swiftly fall

from sight, down, down

to where the lost and forgotten

things rest on the bottom.

I offer my words humbly

like hard-earned money shared

on a collection plate passed

among those with much more or less,

then watch it all disappear.

I give my words to comfort, express,

counsel, encourage, inspire…

knowing full well that silence

and the feeling of embrace

speak what words can’t touch.

In the highest joys felt,

words always fall short.

In the deepest of sorrows,

all words seem hollow.

In the most profound and sacred

experiences, all words are left behind.

My words are unskilled, unpolished,

inefficient, ineffective, yet still

I write and write and write.

February 4, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

My Vancouver Island Shawl

This Shawl began as a Scarf I designed in 2017 and perhaps finished yesterday.

My Vancouver Island Shawl

This is a revised creation I call

my Vancouver Island Shawl.

It will keep me snuggly warm

as when my Husband Lover’s arms

wrapped around me in embraces,

those youthful, Not Forgotten Days

‘midst Northern Ontario wilderness.

That Lovely Land of Lakes and Rivers

saw many a hug and a kiss

as I now fondly recall.

I am drawn to quote myself

of something I once wrote:

She Said To Him…

Come lie with me on the soft green moss

in the heat of this summer’s day

and I’ll give you delicious, impassioned kisses

to take your breath away.

Let Nature witness our wild love-sport

among the spruce and pines-

hunting rare ecstasies with our senses-

tracking each other’s pleasure signs.

Deep, desperate growls and surrendering moans

will guide us on our way,

bringing us stealthily toward the unity

of Love predator and prey.

Now those Days are long gone.

With my Memories, I Moved On.

I know I am where I Belong.

Once again, I gained through loss.

Everywhere I look it seems

the fulfillment of strange dreams,

the kind I can’t ignore.

I’ve known this Island long before

I was This Version of my Soul…

Is my Poem finished? I don’t know.

January 21, 2023

Note- the poem ‘She Said To Him’ was written in August 1996 and revised in April 2014

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC



Earth transforms now and then

dramatically or little by little

when land masses slip and slide.

We’re just along for the ride.

We’re each here for a little while

as individuals and as species too.

Sometimes we even return

and continue our Great Adventures

evolving fast or slow as we do,

Star-Seeded again by Life

both here and by Life beyond

our Planet, Alien Interventions,

some of which we fear

as hostile or even divinely benign.

We’re all just passing through

this realm of joy and pain,

Souls on a Great Adventure,

Life’s experience to gain.

Some seek comforts in safe havens,

others seek danger to feel alive.

Some feast on their desires,

others struggle to survive.

Divine Creations, we evolve

by thought and deed and consequence,

paths well worn or those less travelled.

Attitude rules Circumstance.

Some are challenged by misfortune,

loss of all that’s valued here,

stripped of everything but Spirit,

Love expressed in those held dear.

We weep our own and others’ losses,

seeking answers as we pray.

None can judge the Soul’s Agenda

as we journey on our way.

We’re all just passing through.

A Unity Diverse…

We’re Life in many forms

throughout the Universe.

Here for a little while,

we travel in and out of Time

exploring Life Itself,

the mundane and sublime.

Our Lives are wondrous Journeys.

We challenge ourselves to grow,

exploring all conditions

through which we come and go.

Nothing here is forever.

We must leave it all behind.

Back to Source All Beings go,

beyond the limits of Mind-

beyond boundaries of Soul-

back to the Great Oneness we go,

that Oneness we call Heaven-

the God-Light and our True Home.

From and to Home we come and go

playing out our Great Adventures,

transforming Life as we know it,

creating realities loving or fearful

in multiple Timelines and Roles

or making another Free Will Choice-

Not Going Out and Staying Home.

January 13, 2023 Victoria BC

Note: I inserted my poem titled ‘All Just Passing Through’ and ‘Just Passing’ first written on May 14, 2008 then revised October 26, 2018, May 24, 2021, October 6, 2021 and now included in ‘Transformations’ January 13, 2023 with further revisions and transformations perhaps)

Shelley Audrey Wilson

(a.k.a. Shell, Shelley Demers (by marriage)

a.k.a. Ariel and Ariel-Shelley (as in Percy Bysshe Shelley)

a.k.a. Pumpkin (Dad’s) and Sheillelagh (Mom’s) nicknames)



Faith is Hope with starlit wings.

Faith carries Courage above

stormy waters of events,

circumstances, forces

that push us hard and pull us down.

Faith lifts us high in troubled times

from Worldly cares to Heavenly realms

of understandings beautiful and sublime.

Here Higher Powers appear in glory

of awesome Wonders, enlightening,

communicating the power of words

to calm, with comforting assurance,

any fears in hearts and minds.

Here Peace is crowned and Joy is found

a Heavenly Treasure beyond all measure.

Here is where Love abounds

as Love unbounded,

not bound to limitations,

fully free in every way.

When Faith rests on things untrue,

on tangled webs of lies, held tight

in dark deceptions, conspiring agendas

linked and bound by chains of silence

holding down what’s truly true

then Faith falls through such ground

of decayed, unsound foundations,

Faith’s Trust is broken, illusions shattered,

though Faith may yet still cling to these.

Faith deceived has no Freedom,

disempowers us through Fear,

creates confusions, distorts perceptions,

warps world views, spins false news,

enslaves and carries us away

from Love as God’s True Light

to guide our lives in many ways.

Faith corrupted steals and slanders,

torments, tortures, exiles, kills,

becomes the Opposite to Love

while justifying Deadly Games

of Destruction in God’s Names.

May our Faith be ever free

to grow and change, evolve,

to lift us ever higher

to higher truths and wisdoms,

to help us see ever more clearly

Life, our lives, our planet World

and what is truly true.

December 7, 2022- Shelley Audrey Wilson-

Victoria BC

A Young Species

We are a young Species.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness

of other Beings, other Humans

and strange-looking Creatures

sentient or not,

evolving fast or slow,

loving, friendly,

fearful, hostile,

appearing strange in many ways.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness

of where we live,

of Other Rooms and Spaces

Beyond the first we knew.

Some of us reach out

to touch the heavens,

eager to explore and know

The Wonders waiting Beyond

Closed Doors and Curtained Windows,

Beyond what we now see.

Some of us go deep within us

to know where our life began,

to know again The Womb of Heaven,

know again The Oneness

and The Wonder of It All.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness,

we Make Believe and Make It So

creating and co-creating

a myriad Dreams as Realities

Playing Out as we grow.

Beings of Older Ages, Other Places, watch

and sometimes even guide us

as we Play, Evolve and Grow.

December 4, 2022- Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

The Great Teachers

Experiences and Consequences

are the Great Teachers.

Are we paying attention?

“It is far better to heal

suffering and pain

than to cause it.

It is far better to prevent

suffering and pain

than to heal it.”

(Every action is a shifting

movement of Energy

creating Experiences.

Every inaction also creates

responsibilities and its

resulting Experiences.)

Are we paying attention?

Are we discerning,

remembering and learning

or just reliving our mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes.

Do we learn from our mistakes

with the courage that it takes

to turn it all around?

Do we pull ourselves up

to be the best we can be

or drug, drunk and dumb down

causing many others pain?

Do we help pull our species up

to the best that it can be

or push and crush it down

with disrespect for ourselves

and every other life around?

Every Cause has Effect

that ripples through us all

to either rise or fall.

“It’s far better to heal

suffering and pain

than to cause it.

It’s far better to prevent

suffering and pain

than to heal it.”

Do we hear our Teachers now?

May 15, 2022

Shelley Wilson