Free Energy

LOVE-ENERGY frees all

of power over

and power under,

dramas of domination,

binding Consequences,

reversing roles,

shifting poles

of cold indifference,

needless suffering…

Units and Collectives

of Species galactic,




a telepathic message

(a paradigm shift)


evolving in all as all:

We are all One.


what that means.


Humanity awaken.

Shift Consciousness.

Raise Frequencies

of Awareness.


FREEDOM comes from WITHIN.

PEACE comes from WITHIN.



serves LIFE’S Agenda.

LOVE empowers.

LOVE IS Power.

Penetrate inertia.

Dissipate illusion.

Think Love.

Feel Love.

Radiate Love.

Show Love.

You are a Toroid.

Not an Energy Parasite

enslaving and enslaved.

Be a Toroid

of moving



pervading all Dimensions.


to light all Worlds,

to enlighten all Beings,

healing all Beings’

illusions of separation.

Honour all paths.

Celebrate Diversity

and Unity

with respect for LIFE,

with reverence for LIFE,

informing all Life,

LIFE in all Forms.

The Source of all Life

is in all, as all, through all,


connecting all always:



Go Within



 (my digital music composition ‘Every Winter Ends With Spring’)

Go within. Go within.

Close your eyes.

Let ‘Busy Thoughts’ rest.

Let ‘To Do’s sleep

for there are Treasures

in your deep space within.

Rest your mind. Rest your mind.

Just be aware.

Now you’re aware.

You are aware

of Treasures there

so deep within:

your resources,

your riches,

your wealth within,

Life’s wealth within.

Spend Time within.

Open your chest.

Open your heart

to wondrous Treasures,

transforming Treasures

you’ve carried within.

Treasures to value

are buried deep within.

Here’s Life Itself.

Here’s Brilliant Love

and Beautiful Peace,

Precious Freedom

and Sparkling Joy.

It’s all within.

Feel the wonder

of Life’s presents

in Its Presence.

…Breathe It in…

Then…breathe It out…

This is what

your life’s about.


(Shelley Wilson- 18/03/2016)




Gray Skies

my digital photo and painting

my digital photo and painting 

Gray Skies

Alone, a gray seagull flies

across the gray-layered skies

to where I stand on this shore-

still, alone, and young no more.

Beyond the gray-watered sea

lie lands hidden in mystery-

gray mountains I cannot climb

and gray mists disappearing Time.

I look far beyond with no fear

as the mists draw ever near

and my soul prepares for flight

back to the great, eternal Light.

Till then, I’m enjoying here

with all I love and hold most dear.

I choose a true poetic view-

freeing everything I do.

I walk this world and the next

through sight and sound and text.

I create each step of my own tracks

or fly upon  seabirds’ backs

to dance the winds of oceans

and celebrate my emotions.

My thoughts dive deep, deep and free-

far beyond what eyes can see.

My thoughts rise high, high and free-

far beyond what eyes can see.

Then, beyond Thought I can go

to where I am Life itself- and


In an instant I am Here-here

watching gray skies slowly clear.

Evocative Scents

Evocative Scents

phlox blossoms

and watermelon

open to whisper

their presence

with evocative

cool sweetness


so like the

subtle scent

that whispers

through woods

and fields


Fall’s first snow

the mind begins

to wonder

but the senses

already know

the mind begins

to wonder

will we let

our greed

consume us

as we breathe

polluted air

when does need

transform to greed

when is

so much more


what fragrance

will we gift

our future Earth

to wear

phlox blossoms

and watermelon

faintly whisper

when is

so much more


August 11, 2015scent


“You won’t like the taste!” warned the old woman. There was compassion and a hint of laughter in her eyes as her lips formed a wry smile remembering the remedy.
Am I crazy and is she a quack? I thought. Desperate people do desperate things, I mused philosophically.
The chronic pain had become unbearable. Every joy in life had dissolved in that pain. I’d finally seen a Surgeon. Gallbladder removal. A common procedure. Surgery in a few weeks. The office would call with the date and time. I thanked the Doctor, shook his hand and placed my hand over the pain and prayed. God help me!
“Okay” I said to this obviously amused woman offering me a simple solution to the pain. “It’s harmless,” she said quietly. Then her expression swiftly changed.
As she began giving me the instructions, I started to wonder if she had a military background. Do this. Do this. Do this. Did I have to poop on command too? I wondered.
“Okay. Okay. I’m listening,” I said reluctantly.
“This is how you purge gallstones without surgery,” she began again. “Make sure you choose two days with nothing else on the agenda, so get what you’ll need beforehand.”
“You’ll find a pint jar with a lid- as well as a jar big enough to hold three cups of water and four tablespoons of Epsom Salts. Don’t get the Epsom Bath Salts! You’ll have to find the Epsom Salts for internal use. Remember that!”
“You’ll need a bottle of extra light virgin Olive Oil. The good stuff. Don’t be cheap. You’ll also buy two fresh pink Grapefruit. Only fresh will do.”
“Oh yes,” she said with a funny smile, “you’ll probably want either a few slices of lemon or a sweet lollipop to treat your tastebuds.” My mouth soured and I swallowed the thought.
“So, are you willing to give it a go?” she asked in her military voice. The pain replied “Yes!”
“Well then. You start your first day with a no fat breakfast and lunch. No fat!” she commanded.
“Do not eat or drink after 2 p.m. Don’t cheat. This is important!” she stressed.
“Get the Epsom Salts drink ready. Mix four tablespoons with three cups of water in a well cleaned jar. This makes four measured servings of three-quarters of a cup each. Put the jar in the fridge to get cold.”
Well at least she’s talking in measurements and hours I can easily understand! I said in private conversation with myself.
“At precisely 6 p.m. drink one serving of the water and Epsom Salts. You may want to lick that lollipop or lemon slice then,” she said with a chuckle.
Pointing her right index finger to an invisible chalkboard, she read, “the Olive Oil and Grapefruit should be sitting out on the counter for later.”
“At 7 and 8 p.m. quickly drink another three-quarter cup serving. Timing is critical for success, so don’t be more than 10 minutes early or late!” she ordered.
I looked at the invisible chalkboard where this strategic plan was clearly outlined in crisp white chalk. I can do this! I told myself.
“At 9:45 p.m. you’ll pour a measured half-cup of the Olive Oil into the clean pint jar. You’ll squeeze the pink Grapefruit by hand into the measuring cup. Remove the pulp with a fork. You should have at least a half-cup to three-quarters cup of juice. Add this to the Olive Oil. Close the jar lid tightly and shake hard until it all becomes watery. Only fresh Grapefruit juice will do this,” she noted.
Yuck! I said to myself, feeling a little nauseous. Why was surgery suddenly looking more desirable?!
“Visit the bathroom, but don’t be more than 15 minutes late for the 10 p.m. drink she commanded again.
“At 10 p.m. drink the Olive Oil and Grapefruit mixture you’ve just made. You must be standing up to do this. Don’t laugh! Drink it down within 5 minutes. Then lie down immediately. You might fail to get the gallstones out if you don’t. The sooner you lie down, the more stones you’ll purge, so be ready for bed ahead of time. Try to keep perfectly still for at least 20 minutes. Go to sleep,” she commanded yet again. I almost shouted, “Yes Sir!” as my body stiffened.
She pushed on. “Upon awakening the next morning, you’ll take your last dose of the Epsom Salts drink. You may go back to bed. After two more hours you may eat. Start with fruit juice. Half an hour later, eat fruit. One hour later, you may eat regular food but keep it light. By supper you should be fully recovered,” she said light-heartedly. I sighed in relief.
“Expect diarrhea in the morning. Don’t be shy! Have a look. Gallstones are green and float because of the cholesterol in them or form as calcified stones in shades of brown. Sometimes the bile ducts are also full of cholesterol crystals, tan coloured. They look like floating ‘chaff’. Cleansing this ‘chaff’ is just as important as purging the gallstones. You’re also cleansing the liver at the same time, by the way. No surgeries. Minor discomfort. Congratulations!” she said triumphantly.
“Okay…” I said slowly and decisively. What’s to lose…I thought…a body part or a few hours of taste-bud torture. “Okay.”
So now I am “Okay”. It worked!! And maybe next year…

Short story by
Shelley Wilson
July 2014


May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

When I Sleep


Water (my digital composition)

When I Sleep
it matters not
the dramas of the day.
All woes and worries
lie forgotten.
All worldly cares
just slip away.
When I sleep
I just let go
and drift into The Deep.
I float in Dreams
where I can be
anything I wish.
It matters not
whatever I choose.
I’m free
of all that binds
or limits, dulls
or decays.
The World of Rules
just fades away.
My Dream Time World
has brighter hues-
more vibrant shades
of colors come alive.
Senses heighten
where the mind’s
Imagination thrives.
I smell jasmine
as never before.
I taste of fruit
unknown before.
Images become
Messages to Self.
What does this mean?
What does that mean?
I ask myself.
Sometimes I
even hear and feel
a symphony of sounds
so rich and full,
a Music I adore
carried on a breeze.
This otherworldly
symphony uplifts
to higher frequencies.
It raises me
to higher realms
and higher sight.
Then I just soar
in Freedom’s bliss,
pure Joy and Peace,
where I again
Remember this-
the Mystery,
the Unity,
Loving Energy,
my true Home,
the timeless
knowing Light,
most radiant,
brilliant Light.
When to my body
I return,
so much less,
I may forget
all that I’ve known
of Life and Death.
It matters not.
My Life’s a Dream-
an Energy Play
I co-create
through every Night
and every Day.
It matters not.
Awake, asleep,
it matters not-
for Matter is nought
but Energy Play
that Life thought up
and thinking still
creates the Dreams
and Dreamers all.
Forms ever change
as I move through
the many I’s I Dream.
All Life, my Life,
continues on
so wonderful,
so strange.
Particles and Waves.
Particles and Waves.
Now here. Now gone.
Into the formless
Mystery beyond.
Then here again
in ever, ever
Constant Change.
I am-We are
Energy Droplets
and Energy Waves,
each One and Many-
One and Many.
I am-We are
of Universes
seen and unseen
in many Dimensions.
So many Mysteries.
Infinite Mysteries
to explore.
Our Source Energy
creates and grows
and Macrocosms
expanding Life
in countless Numbers-
in countless Thoughts
transmitting Energy
rippling everywhere.
I am-We are
countless Creations
and Transformations
redefining who we are
and who we choose to be-
the gift of our Source Energy.
Life lives and breathes
a Great Cosmic Sea,
a Great Sea
of Eternal Energy.
The One in Many
dreams our Dreams.
When I Sleep
I just let go
and drift into The Deep.

Shelley Wilson
May 28, 2014


May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

One Life


One Life (my digital music composition)

You say we live one life.
This may be true of you.
Perhaps it is your only life.
Of that, why should I argue?
Why should I deny your truth?
Perhaps it is your only life.
Yet I have lived before
in this and other lives.
My life’s a Deja Vu.
Endless possibilities
beckon to explore
in this and other lives
where I still live ‘before’
as in my lives ‘to come’
where I still live now too.
Life’s creations grow ever more,
the Multiverse expanding…
Life being and becoming
ever more, ever more…
I, too, am Energy Aware
playing with Space and Time,
growing in understanding
of Glorious Life expanding…
Everything is pure Energy.
Source Energy is what we are-
a Unity in Diversity-
each of us and every Star.
We are co-creating magicians
of disappearing particles
and lightly dancing waves,
appearing solid Life-forms
transcending human graves.
We are Source Energy beings-
some living in castles and caves-
in defensive, rigid beliefs
and fearful imaginings,
in griefs and judgments severe,
our lives controlled through fear.
We are Source Energy beings-
some jumping through Space and Time
between the There and Here,
between the Then and Now,
all part of the Magical Mystery
of the Only Here and Now.
Empowered and free at last,
some live our greatest joys
seeing One Wondrous Life
in countless wondrous forms,
Life’s ever-changing creations
in countless wondrous forms.
Some see choices lived before,
lives of Deja Vu,
and precious possibilities
of other choices too…
endless possibilities
in this and other lives
where we still live ‘before’
as in our lives ‘to come’
where we still live now too.
How do we fully comprehend
the Spirit of who we are?
We are part of All That Is. All Energy. One.
Though we may choose to disagree
about the nature of Life we see,
let Freedom be our guiding Force
on every journey from our Source,
being all that we can be.
Yes, perhaps this is your only life.
Yet I have lived before.

(Shelley Wilson- February 24, 2014)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Not Me and Mine


Not Alone All One (my digital music composition)


Bless the ancient relics
and hold tight the gold… the gold…
Sacred words echo hollow… hollow…
and fall flat to the ground…
Not one of ours!
Not one of ours!
Compassion is big business.
Don’t ask too much… too much…
Line up
and wait your turn… your turn…
Lucky Tax Breaks
or Sad Statistics…
God looks at us
through every…every…
starving face…
Well, you say,
it isn’t me and mine!
The world is tired
of pleas and please…
Too many of us anyway! …too many…
Let’s have another War…
Use up the ammo
so we can make some more.
Kill ‘em all, the bastards!
you say…
No, leave a few… a few…
…cheap labor…
…consumer demand…
Human need
fast turns to greed… greed…
God reaches out
with every begging hand…
Well, you say,
it isn’t me and mine!
Ah! But it is. It is!
The wise ones know… know…
It Is! It Is! It Is!

(Shelley Wilson- September 18, 2013)


May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Tulips Dance and Bow

Tulips Dance and Bow (my digital music composition)


My friend, what do we really know?
Even though cut, the Tulips grow.
I wonder how they dance and bow
from their Stage of water in a vase
to our delight and our applause.
They give us such a lively Show,
their Tulip Life, before they go…
Dying Flowers, how do they grow?

Shelley Wilson
April 8, 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Energy Song

Energy Song (my digital music composition)

Energy Song

Everything is Energy
including you and me-
ever-changing Energy-
yes, that’s you and me.

We are Energy personified-
united and diverse.
All That Is the First
in this Universe
Evolves as us today!

Everything is Energy
including you and me-
ever-changing Energy-
yes, that’s you and me.

See, we are the Universe-
ever-changing Energy-
ever-moving Energy-
ever-creative Energy-
a Unity diverse-
ever-transforming Energy-
we are the Universe!

Everything is Energy
including you and me-
ever-changing Energy-
yes, that’s you and me.

We are Quantum.
We are Cosmic.
We are Life, become Aware.
We are deathless Energy-
ever-changing Energy-
Energy everywhere!

Everything is Energy
including you and me-
ever-changing Energy-
yes, that’s you and me.

Shelley Wilson
February 25, 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

my digital art

my digital art

Like Butterfly and Bee

bee_Painting1 butterfly_Painting1

Like Butterfly and Bee

So many boring lawns
give me sighs and yawns.
Like Butterfly and Bee,
it’s Flowers that I seek.
Whenever they are found,
I stand on ‘holy ground’
in awe of what I see-
timeless Beauty before me.
These forms of priceless worth
are treasures of our Earth-
Life’s precious Flower and Seed
gifting our global need.
How barren would this Planet be
if not for Flowers of Plant and Tree
kissed by Beauty’s Butterfly and Bee?

Shelley Wilson
February 3, 2013
(Note: This poem leaps from boredom to awe to a question. Another
question arises. Where are the Shield Technologies and Inventions for
harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies created by our Modern
Technologies, especially Telecommunications, that are having an
increasingly devastating effect globally on Human health (particularly
cancers that cause great suffering and death) as well as harming other
Life-forms? Every action and inaction has individual and collective
consequences. Our health and well-being depends on the health and
well-being of this Planetary Biosphere in which Food-producing
Flowers and pollen-carrying Butterflies and Bees play such an
important part. It is a known fact that Humanity’s Technological
Electromagnetic Frequencies are having a disruptive and destructive
impact on the whole Biosphere. Everything is connected and
interdependent. Where are our protecting Shield Technologies and

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Robot Food

cropped-20101209_229.jpg 20101209_227

Robot Food (my digital music composition)

Robot Food

Your images/ your words/
your numbers/ your actions/
your life/
ever keyed/ ever clicked/
ever tapped/ ever voiced/
ever scanned/
Computer Food…

What are you feeding
tomorrow’s Robots today?

Your pictures/ your videos/
your actions/ your words/
your numbers/ your symbols/
your alphabets/ your sounds/
your life/
ethereal files and folders/
sent/ stored/ zipped/
unlocked/ junked/ deleted/
public/ private/
secrets/ revelations/
profound/ silly/
mundane/ sublime/
unfocused/ graphic/
inspiring/ crude/
every morsel/ every bite/
Computer Food…

Our images/ our words/
our numbers/ our actions/
our lives/ our world/
ever keyed/ ever clicked/
ever tapped/ ever voiced/
ever scanned/
Computer Food…

The Global Grocery Store
of Information/
Information for Generations/
Robot Food…
What are you feeding
tomorrow’s Robots today?

Shelley Wilson (January 7, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

I Survived My Education

Like A Phoenix

(‘Robot Food’  my digital music composition)

I survived my Education
of robotic memorization,
robotic memorization…
Memorize. Memorize. Test. Test.
Heads up, stand straight
row on row, row on row.
Heads up, sit straight
row on row, row on row.
Stand up, sit down, sit still.
Stand up, sit down, sit still.
Eyes open, ears open, mouths shut.
Speak on command. Speak on command.
Answer the question. Answer the question.
Read this. Think this. Delete that.
Read this. Think this. Delete that.
Follow instructions. Obey the rules.
Follow instructions. Obey the rules.
Robotic rote, robotic lives,
biological robot lives…
I survived my Education.

Shelley Wilson
December 2, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley