Alien Garden

This is a composite of some of my photos. This poem may not fit into your present world view but you may wish to read it anyways if curious. You’ll see that the photos of my Word documents show that the program doesn’t know yet how to cope with poetry and poetic licence like all our sightings of UFOs and ETs. Lol! 😂🤣💕✨

Glimpses of Past Times and Places

glimpses of past times and places- thanks for this James Webb

Glimpses of Past Times and Places

With ever an attitude of gratitude,

I closed my eyes, put ego to rest

and felt my way through Time-Mists…

I passed by Local, International News-

those Future World History Lessons-

here and there slanted like towers

built toward egos with myopic views,

some News recorded, distorted, confused,

Events staged, enacted, reported, like Plays,

Histories forgotten, deleted, erased…

I moved through the Mists feeling

my way, seeing through Ancient Eyes…

I moved past the births of Western Cultures,

past the beginnings of Rome,

past the beginnings of Greece…

I flew past the Middle East,

past Moses, the Pillars of Light Spaceships,

past Abraham, the War, the Promised Land…

past the beginnings of Egypt-

past first Egyptians after the Flood

and the Great Pyramids designed and built

by a Technological Atlantean Race,

designs even elsewhere in Space…

When Egypt was born, India was Old.

I saw many a slow rise and fall

of India’s changing Civilizations…

I saw Ancient Star Wars, Wars

In the Heavens, the Reptilian Nagas-

those Colonists too, not from here…

I saw the Off-World Race with skins of Blue

like Krishna, a man of flesh and blood,

a King and Spiritual Teacher

Awake, Adept, Enlightened…

I saw a World of Space-crafts-

some called Vimanas in India,

some called Dragons in the Orient,

other names of flying ships in the Americas-

a World explored, inhabited, evolving

in Climate Change even then…

I saw a World of Giants-

Giant Animals and Giant Humans,

Animals now displayed, Humans hidden away.

I stood with the ‘Sons of God’

and the Female ‘Goddesses’ too-

Awakened, Remembering Spirit…

From there, I saw Mars at War

and before, Sirius and the Pleiades

and much more- Life exploring Star Systems –

Worlds of Strange Beauty too…

When I returned to This Here and Now,

I opened my eyes, humbled in gratitude…

Ah, but skeptic ego jumped up and said,

‘Was it all just a Dream?’

Then I remembered a wise old song

often repeated, recently heard-

‘Row, row, row your boat

gently down the Stream…

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily-

Life is but a Dream.’

March 1, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC



Earth transforms now and then

dramatically or little by little

when land masses slip and slide.

We’re just along for the ride.

We’re each here for a little while

as individuals and as species too.

Sometimes we even return

and continue our Great Adventures

evolving fast or slow as we do,

Star-Seeded again by Life

both here and by Life beyond

our Planet, Alien Interventions,

some of which we fear

as hostile or even divinely benign.

We’re all just passing through

this realm of joy and pain,

Souls on a Great Adventure,

Life’s experience to gain.

Some seek comforts in safe havens,

others seek danger to feel alive.

Some feast on their desires,

others struggle to survive.

Divine Creations, we evolve

by thought and deed and consequence,

paths well worn or those less travelled.

Attitude rules Circumstance.

Some are challenged by misfortune,

loss of all that’s valued here,

stripped of everything but Spirit,

Love expressed in those held dear.

We weep our own and others’ losses,

seeking answers as we pray.

None can judge the Soul’s Agenda

as we journey on our way.

We’re all just passing through.

A Unity Diverse…

We’re Life in many forms

throughout the Universe.

Here for a little while,

we travel in and out of Time

exploring Life Itself,

the mundane and sublime.

Our Lives are wondrous Journeys.

We challenge ourselves to grow,

exploring all conditions

through which we come and go.

Nothing here is forever.

We must leave it all behind.

Back to Source All Beings go,

beyond the limits of Mind-

beyond boundaries of Soul-

back to the Great Oneness we go,

that Oneness we call Heaven-

the God-Light and our True Home.

From and to Home we come and go

playing out our Great Adventures,

transforming Life as we know it,

creating realities loving or fearful

in multiple Timelines and Roles

or making another Free Will Choice-

Not Going Out and Staying Home.

January 13, 2023 Victoria BC

Note: I inserted my poem titled ‘All Just Passing Through’ and ‘Just Passing’ first written on May 14, 2008 then revised October 26, 2018, May 24, 2021, October 6, 2021 and now included in ‘Transformations’ January 13, 2023 with further revisions and transformations perhaps)

Shelley Audrey Wilson

(a.k.a. Shell, Shelley Demers (by marriage)

a.k.a. Ariel and Ariel-Shelley (as in Percy Bysshe Shelley)

a.k.a. Pumpkin (Dad’s) and Sheillelagh (Mom’s) nicknames)

Life On Earth

Life On Earth

How quickly our Sun-driven Time

flows here in Earth Rotations-

minutes, hours, months, years…

We work and play and fill our days.

We mark our days of birth,

even create Traditions to celebrate

or borrow some while making them our own.

From infancy, childhood, adulthood,

and old age, we Humans contribute

in our own ways to Life,

to the Whole of every Age where Life shows up,

to every Stage by our Species’ Nature grown.

We create and destroy Civilizations,

their Structures, Systems, Permutations.

Our Technologies have advanced

like those of many Worlds in Galaxies,

beyond what we now see,

serving Life or Death to be.

We stand on the Brink of Destruction,

of Life or Death, our Species, all Species

on our Home Planet World.

How we act and how we think

contribute to the Whole.

Fear and Hate serve Death and Destruction.

Love of All Life serves Life Itself.

Indifferent Weapons have no Soul.

What is our Life worth here?

What is our Species’ goal?

Are we now less Humane or more

than Puppets of E.T. Wars?

(December 22, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria BC)

Another Perspective

How easily we believe what we’re told through gossip, the modern Media and the Scriptural News of old slanted to steer behaviours through trained perspectives, beliefs and World Views. Even our questions are coloured lines, patterned attitudes and contained beliefs- those old ‘boxes’ in which we see Life and from within which we create our collective and individual experiences. When we choose to step out of one such box created in a distant past, we often jump into another. Out of the box, we become a threat to the ‘status quo’ as heretics, unbelievers, doubters, exiles and outcasts.

I am reminded of Hagar, the ancient bondwoman of Sarah, wife of Abraham- a tribal chieftain who entertained the ‘men of God’ with food and drink and who agreed to a pact, a contract to fight in their wars in return for great promises. The identities of these men who ate, drank and threw bones to predict and tell fortunes have been translated now as ‘messengers of God’ and as ‘angels’ and as ‘God’. I am guessing that they were actually part of some ancient religious order with ties to extraterrestrials fighting for control of Earth. Just a guess, of course. I could be wrong.

Hagar is portrayed as a jealous servant who deserved to be cast out of the camp with her child to die in the desert when Sarah had given birth to her own son. He was to be the ‘rightful heir’ to promises of power, riches and many offspring with the help of these ‘angels of God’, ‘messengers’, ‘men of God’. The Scriptures ‘testify’ to this ‘contract’ of promises in return for warriors.

Seen from another perspective, Hagar was an Egyptian ‘bond-gift’ given to serve Sarah, the beautiful woman desired and favoured by the Pharaoh of that time. Hagar was forced to serve Sarah, attend to her needs like combing her hair- a personal attendant much like later ‘ladies of the court’. Hagar was forced to have sex with Sarah’s husband, believing false promises, in order to produce a surrogate child for Sarah by her command. Then, when Sarah, herself, was ‘miraculously’ inseminated, suddenly fertile, giving birth to her own child, both Hagar and her offspring became a threat to Sarah and her son. An excuse to be rid of them was easily created. Such circumstances with intrigues have been repeated in places of power throughout history.

Hagar was made into a symbol of powerless bondage and slavery while Sarah became a symbol of freedom, grace and God’s favour- all to justify and sanctify struggle for power ‘rightly won’.The consequences of these ancient actions have spread ripple effects through time even to this day.

From Sarah’s perspective, she did what was ‘right and just’ for herself and her son. Hagar was in bondage and had no rights, especially the right to glorified power, so Hagar was ‘in the wrong’ to assume power for her son despite false promises made to her by Abraham and Sarah herself. I am guessing that it did not ever occur to Sarah that bondage and slavery itself was ‘wrong’ and spiritually unjustifiable. The primitive culture of her time and of primitive cultures before her had accepted and lived in those ‘boxes of belief’ that bondage and slavery were acceptable, right, just,and the ‘will of their God’ as told by ‘men of God’. She’d believe this without question.

It’s amazing how men and women of intelligence fail to question the ‘status quo’’ even today. It’s also amazing how men and women of intelligence fail to see the ample contradictory evidence of a capricious God of Love and Condemnation, Love and Damnation, of Loving and Hating, of Comforting Grace and Angry Revenge, of Ultimate Power and Complete Powerlessness except through Fear and Need for Sacrifice- both animals and human life. Such versions and visions of the Creator, God, were brought to us by ‘men of God’ in many ancient cultures. How great the needless suffering has been because of this!

We must rise out of our ‘boxes of beliefs’ to a higher perspective, like a higher view seen of the Earth, a higher World View, and come to realize that we are all one, a unity of Life expressing diversity. Then we shall see God everywhere through new eyes, new ‘I’s’, as a more highly evolved Humanity. The assumption here is that we don’t destroy ourselves and our precious home planet first.

November 13, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

One World Government and Two Visions of Choice

One World Government and Two Visions of Choice

An Industrial/Military Complex Dictatorship,

Hive Mind with Freedoms Censorship,

Global Slavery Disguised as Unity

Driven by Profits and Insatiable Greed

of Powerful Elites who see No Need

to even Pretend They Truly Care

for Any Other Lives who Share

this Polluted Planet and Its Polluted Air…

will This be Our Free Will Choice

for which We Stand and Add Our Voice?


A New, Self-Governing Global Federation,

Nations Freed from Domination,

Universal Financial Transparency and Resulting Fair Taxation,

Humans Freed from All Oppression,

Life Valued in Every Diverse Expression,

Freedoms Valued as a Right of Being,

Compassionate Care of Evolving Beings,

Agreements Determining The Common Good

Clearly Defined and Understood,

a small, United Peace Military

with Voluntary Medical Auxiliary,

Universal and Free Education,

Global Solutions for Job Creation,

a New Understanding of Wealth,

a Focus on Planetary Health,

a New World Easily Found

by Cleaning Up

Earth’s Water, Air and Ground…

will This be Our Free Will Choice

for which We Stand and Add Our Voice?

February 10, 2021

Shelley Wilson

The Shift


(my digital music composition created through purchase on Catooh/Magix Music Maker- I called it ‘Love Only Love’)(I created this painting in the photo as well:)

We read the News and wonder Why

Humanity is so Impoverished, Desperate,

Oppressed by Fear, Enslaved by Greed,

MOST living without Basic Needs,

while Cultures of Violence spread everywhere.

Our News is ‘Old Stories’, History Repeated, ‘Renewsed’.

Dinosaurs of War STILL Dominate Earth.

Reptilian Gods of Aggression and Deception

with Technologies and Psychologies

STILL Command Human Blood Sacrifice,

feeding Energies of Terror and Pain

to Parasites of this and other Dimensions.

Their Global Agenda: Control the Masses-

Scripting Traditions, World Views, and Tragic Events

to bring themselves Great Wealth and Gain.

POWER OVER is the Name of their Game.

We are Deceived and made Hollow

for Reptile Hearts and Dragon Minds

UNLESS Love is Strong and Hope Remains.

Now Humans Must Learn to Question and Discern.

We Must Adapt, Grow New Senses More Aware,

to Grow in Love and Show we Dare

Be More than Fodder, Feed, and Toys.

Our God is LIFE, with Reverence for Life.

Our God is LOVE, with Respect for Life.

Our God is FREEDOM, liberating Life.

Our God is PEACE, sustaining Life.

Our God is JOY, creating Joy through Life.


We are United in Values of Life’s Worth

as Energies SHIFT to Earth’s Rebirth.


(Shelley Wilson- 09/03/2016)

Nature of Earth



Nature of Earth (my digital music composition)

Blessed and beloved Nature

birthed and sustained by

this great and glorious Being

we call our Mother Earth-

we are one with you

and you are one with us.

Our Species, our Humanity,

our growing awareness,

our evolving sentience,

is but part of your Story,

Sacred Nature of Mother Earth.

Your health is our health.

Your well-being is ours.

We are ever and always one.

Our bodies are part of you.

Star-seed and Earth-seed,

we’re all a part of you-

breathing your Air,

drinking your Water,

consuming the food of your Soil.

Our Elements are part of you…

part of all Creatures here,

both great and small.

What conditioned insanities

continually create harm

to our minds and bodies,

our Sacred Nature, Mother Earth?

Help us release our fears

to you, our Beloved Mother Earth.

(Shelley Wilson-March 9, 2015)