Food Is A Global Language

There is love in this food made by family and friend 💕✨

Food Is A Global Language

Food is a Universal Language,

a Language well understood by Animals

that giving and receiving conveys.

Food is a Universal Language,

a Language understood by Humans as well-

growing, preparing raw or cooked, hot or cold,

made and served with indifference

or enchanted by a wholesome love.

Like plants know soil, water- bodies do too,

communicating good or ill health.

Food speaks of pleasure, nourishment, health,

artistry and whether or not we care.

March 2, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


Food For Eyes, Mouth and Tummy

It was delicious. My daughter made this homemade pizza. If I recall it was a gluten free bread mix, goat cheese, tomato sauce, onions, peppers, mushrooms, basil and cranberries. Her creation.
A yummy, nutritious salad. I forget what salad dressing we chose.
Easy to recognize fresh strawberries.
My breakfast of tasty fresh bread spread with a thin layer of cream cheese, jam and crunchy caraway seeds
Fresh organic apples and a laugh reminder
A snack of fresh raspberries and strawberries didn’t sit on the table for long 😍🥰

Morning Encounter

This is a photo I took this morning of a rather tame deer grazing near my home in the city of Greater Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. I love that deer roam freely here. For over a decade now, I’ve gathered many fond memories of encounters with them. I’m ever respectful of their nature and benign energy.

I grew up in a small town in Northeastern Ontario. My relationship to deer, moose, partridge and ducks was different then. Deer head trophies of a buck and doe rested above the fireplace since before I was born. Family members and friends traded hunting and fishing stories as normal conversation.

The wilderness was our preferred ‘grocery store’. I learned to hunt partridge and fish at a young age, as did my siblings. We hunted for food, not sport. (I personally regarded sport hunting as barbaric.) Now I rarely eat meat at all.

I never saw my Mother use a rifle but she was skilled at archery as a hobby using paper targets. She used that skill to save my Grandmother from attack by a rabid fox once.

Our parents taught us about foraging for food and other wilderness survival skills as part of our lifestyle. I do all my shopping at the grocery stores now, but I’m grateful for life skills learned long ago. One never knows if they’ll be needed again.

February 5, 2021- Shelley Wilson

Message To Self


Message To Self (my digital music composition)

Message to self:

You are what you eat-

that tasty and delicious meat

of creatures legally tortured in life

and terrorized in painful death

-without conscience or integrity-

-without mercy or gratitude-

-an insatiable greed for sacrifice.

You are what you eat.

Can you face this truth of all that you’ve become?

Investigate and educate yourself.

You’ll see there’s so much more.

Your body has no true need

to be a human carnivore

when Nature offers so much more

healthy fare to feed your body’s need.

Your cells will sing with gratitude.

Another one free of the heartless tyranny,

all Nature will sing with gratitude,

thankful for what you eat

and all you’ll now become.

February 23, 2015