Here comes the night called ‘Hallowe’en’,

that ‘Hallowed Evening’ of Fun and Fright

where Doors of Perception open wide

when Wishes and Fears hidden inside

come knocking, asking, demanding to be seen,

revealing, reveling, with Costumes, the Unseen,

Then, too, the Dead come out to play-

dark Shadows or translucent Wisps of white,

glimpses of menacing Shades or Ghostly Light

of Loved Ones and Strangers passed away,

visitors from Astral, Imaginal Worlds

costumed in Humans, carried like underlay,

overshadowing Energies fighting to stay.

Dread and Delight mix on such Days

of Dreams and Realities Created by many

in a Free Will Universe where anything goes-

this Realm of great Joys and horrendous Woes,

a denser Physicality than the Great Unseen

of which we, too, live in a Dream.

Within and Beyond is God’s Wondrous Light,

that Home from which All come and go,

forgetting, remembering, returning to that Light,

that Sacred, Holy, Hallowed Light.

May we ask in their names whatever they be,

known or unknown to you and to me,

that the Restless Dead return once more

to God’s Heaven, Back To The Light,

guided by Loved Ones, Angels, Beings of Light,

to the Love and Oneness they knew before

Within and Beyond, Holy and Free,

Every Being’s Birthright and True Destiny.

(October 30, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC)


Halloween Costume

This and Other Realities

Halloween Costume

My head softly pillowed,

I’m snuggled in my bed.

Curtains open to blue-black sky,

I watch the shadowed trees

sway gently in the breeze

as they slowly mesmerize…

Before my eyes, ghost clouds pass by

in vaporous, ethereal shapes

like costumed children having fun,

imaginations run wild…

A meteor streaks across the sky

to join the fun at play

by lighting up the night

too fast to cause a fright

as it adds wonder to my delight…

Between the clouds, the twinkling stars

now become more than distant lights.

They beckon me to where they are

above the glow of city lights,

above the ghostly clouds of white,

above the realm of Earthly sights…

I’ll close my eyes and leave behind

the dreams of humankind…

I’ll wear my body of bright starlight.

I’ll dance among the stars.

I’ll twirl and swirl and sway

until the break of day.

Then I’ll wake upon my pillow

still snuggled in my bed.

October 30, 2021

Shelley Wilson