You are More

than your Life Story

no matter

where you’re from-

be it a mansion

or a slum-

no matter

how you got to

where you’re now


be it in wealth

or poverty.

You are More

than your Racial,

National, Cultural

and Family History-

that Identity

that tells you

who you are.

You are More

than your Personality-

all those likes, dislikes,

those hates and loves,

all those trendy

ways of being

you’ve grown to own,

so very many

not of your own

telling you who

you need to be.

You are More

than Age, Gender,

Colour, Shape and Size

such as comprise

how others see

and treat you too.

You are More

than only Matter

and Physiology

of a Human Animal

called Humanity-

a mix of Elements,

Liquids, Solids, Gases,

Atoms in Constant Motion…

You are Energy

appearing as Matter.

You are Life Itself

and Its Mystery.

You are Wondrous,

Glorious, Miraculous

and So Much More

than you now know.

February 1, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC