Evocative Scents

Evocative Scents

phlox blossoms

and watermelon

open to whisper

their presence

with evocative

cool sweetness


so like the

subtle scent

that whispers

through woods

and fields


Fall’s first snow

the mind begins

to wonder

but the senses

already know

the mind begins

to wonder

will we let

our greed

consume us

as we breathe

polluted air

when does need

transform to greed

when is

so much more


what fragrance

will we gift

our future Earth

to wear

phlox blossoms

and watermelon

faintly whisper

when is

so much more


August 11, 2015scent

Space Exploitations


(Universe  One- my digital music composition)


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Space Exploitations…


You, who have gone before,

jumping Space and Time to explore,

we also wish to come out and play,

expanding Life in our own way.


We`ll bring flowers to inhospitable Mars,

that fearsome god of ancient wars
whose offspring taught us very well
how War is ever living hell.


We’ll bring laughter to the Moons,
as we play our lively tunes,
mining orbs for all they’re worth
to enrich the richest of our Earth.


We’ll bring enslaving old beliefs
dressed up in words of love and peace.
We’ll guarantee our Human crews
pay their taxes and their dues.


You, among the stars, we so yearn
to understand and quickly learn
how you do this- in your own way.
Please- let us too- come out to play!
August 20, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley



( Multi-verse Grand Universe-  my digital music composition)

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The Multi-verse grows Itself,
united and diverse, united and diverse,
as our tiny planet spins
within our tiny Universe.
Biological Intelligence–
Intelligent Life on Planet Earth–
expresses higher values
as the wealth of Human worth.
A language made of patterns,
Life gifts each Human birth,
stamping each divine creation
with a clear and holy message
placed on every Human finger–
‘This is My creation,
every daughter, every son,
each unique and precious.’
How Life values every one!!!
The Multi-verse grows Itself,
united and diverse, united and diverse,
as our tiny planet spins
within our tiny Universe.

August 19, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

The Country Cottage

Fragile Thread (my digital music composition)

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The Country Cottage

What is this magic that inspires and charms?
The smell of herbs and spices float in air
around painted fruit and florals here and there.
Quiet and calm, the busy pace slowed down,
we are invited to just simply ‘Be’.
No clocks-Time is measured by songbirds now.
What is the charm of a Country Cottage
if not the gathered flowers and plants inside
where Nature and Harmony abide
amidst furnishings creating a Home.
Light and shadows, changing colours entertain.
What is the charm of a Country Cottage
if not the flowers, grasses, vines, and trees
that enchant with Beauty’s power to please
the Soul and Senses awakened to Life.
Gone is the world of greed and endless strife,
beliefs that kill, and all-consuming ‘need’.
This life in a Country Cottage is rich indeed…
Earth in the Heavens… and Heaven on Earth.

July 27, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Smells of the Seasons

(Joy-  my digital music composition)

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Smells of the Seasons

smells of fresh Spring air
cucumbers and clean water
-memories of Earth…

wet woodland trail
smells of heated soil and moss
-look! the mushrooms there!

Winter is coming!
watermelon smell in air
-hurry! let’s rush home!

now the snow smells burnt
wood and oil and gas exhaust
-snowflakes change their shape!

July 22, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


Nature (my digital music composition)

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sunny Summer heat
sleepy yawns float in still air
-honey bees pause to rest…

Fall’s burst of raindrops
with tears stream down my face
-wind whispers farewell…

closing the curtains
at day’s end- snowstorm now weaves
Winter’s white death-shroud…

soft breeze stirs Spring air
-laughter greets new leaves reborn
to dance on boughs again…

July 22, 2012
May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley



(Awe and Wonder- my digital music composition)


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Observing Flights

air filled with insects

swift swallows never collide

-small planes fly over


Flight Exhaustion

eyes search through windows

swallows circle- rise and dive

exhausted eyes close


Still Flight

frail body sits still

mind jumps on a swallow’s back

heart laughs- swift pure joy


July 2, 2012





(My Time Your Time-  my digital music composition)


Gone the measured moments,
the gamut of human emotions,
causes and devotions,
exploration of human senses,
challenges of health defences.
Gone bank accounts and begging bowls,
majestic mansions and cardboard homes,
secret armies of watchers and spies,
freedoms won and lost in truths and lies.
Gone the myriad dreams and schemes,
intellect’s elitist walls and towers,
pride of nations, might of powers,
sumptuous feasts, famine and pain,
population controls, genocide tolls,
robotic lives of profit and gain.
In an instant, it’s all gone.
Acquisitions and achievements,
actions sparked by love or fears,
technologies prolonging years,
nothing matters in an instant.
Richest of rich, poorest of poor,
we must leave behind our flesh and bones,
leave behind what we hold dear.
What shall be said of our measured moments
when all we love or hate shall disappear?
What shall be said of the power and wealth
of so few amidst the millions of starving too?
Time turns all treasures to relics and dust.
Our selfish ambitions and goals at any cost
fade into fictions and twisted histories unclear,
laws and values changed, languages lost.
Ah, but our Life itself never dies.
Of Earth, or beyond, Life never dies.
The Energy of Life is pure Love and Light,
the essence of all to inner sight.
Life’s Spirit will choose yet another disguise.
Awareness shifts from our Higher State.
Reborn new beginnings, the infant cries.
Forms transformed by Nature or engineered,
we inherit the World which we co-create,
re-birthed to that Legacy some call Fate.

Shelley Wilson (June 10, 2012)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


Life I Am Aware


(Close Your Eyes and Ride the Stream-  my digital music composition)

Life I Am Aware

Be-Love-d Spirit
Life everlasting
Life everchanging
Divine Energy
everywhere present
in everything
in everyone
as everything
as everyone
visible invisible
Quantum Energy
Cosmic Energy
appearing disappearing
appearing disappearing
That Which Is
genderless Source
Creative Spirit
Creative Process
Creative Energy
evolving Creation
creating dissolving
creating dissolving
Divine Energy
Life everchanging
Life everlasting
Be-Love-d Spirit
Life I am aware…

(June 10, 2012)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


Happy Birthday


(Fragile Thread-  my digital music composition)


Happy Birthday!!!!

**My Four Wishes For You**

*May you see what others cannot see.

(Know the Oneness connecting all Life.)

*May you hear what others cannot hear.

(Observe your continual conversation with Life.)

*May you live a long life.

(Let go of judgments to embrace Love and Respect

for every stage of Life in your ever-changing body.)

*May you seek the powers of self-mastery, excel in

your artistry, and rejoice in the beautiful freedoms

of ‘imperfections’.

(Feel the true joy of co-creating happy imperfections

with your Creator, Life Itself.)

Best Wishes,


May, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

I Am


(Awe and Wonder-   my digital music composition)


I Am
I am the call of the wild bird,
the feel of the breeze on your skin,
the color of loving laughter,
the strength of your spirit within.
I am the soil caressing your feet,
the beckoning stars of the night,
the taste of tears with tea,
the sight of dawn’s first light.
I am the sweet kiss of comfort,
the smell of the flowers you grew,
the essence of every vast atom,
the answer you simply knew.

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Remembrance Day


(Our Remembrance Day-  my digital music composition)


Remembrance Day

Let us remember
all who’ve died in war,
anytime, anywhere…
all who’ve suffered in war,
anytime, anywhere…
We have forgotten something…
Let us remember
those who’ve paid ‘the price’,
that hell-forged coin
of victory and loss,
two-sided and yet still one…
We have forgotten something…
Let us remember
why we fought for rights,
why we fought for freedoms,
or why we fought for others’ glory,
for the glory of their wealth and power…
We have forgotten something…
Let us remember
why we fought for love or fear,
the sacrifice of those held dear,
how violent death meant ‘problem solved’,
and acceptance meant ‘uninvolved’…
We have forgotten something…
Let us remember
what we are forgetting still,
our primitive species of ‘fight and kill’
can evolve to see itself as one,
the Life of our life, though many, as one.
We choose to empower fear or love,
destroying ourselves or rising above
differences, finding values that unite,
enriching all with wise insight…
A world of love or world of fear…
a collective choice
empowered by your choice and mine…
harmonious unity or hostile division,
goodwill action or hateful derision
fuelling feuds that rage through time…
The history of our past is clear,
a shout, a scream, a silent tear…
What fate shall we now create
from our collective mental state?
Shall we repeat, repeat what came before,
dysfunctional patterns and beliefs, or,
open our hearts and minds to better ways
to lighten our lives and brighten our days?
Let us remember ever and always,
‘We are all one.’
Shelley Wilson
11 a.m. November 11, 2011

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

The Whirlpool


(Peace Project-  my digital music composition)


The Whirlpool of Hatred-Violence-Revenge



Beware the Whirlpool in the Stream of Life!
Watch as it swirls in contention and strife!
Caught in the eddy, so many backward turn!
To destruction they go as the waters churn!

Discordant Religions
speak ‘love’ then ‘kill’,
beliefs that do harm,
claiming ‘God’s will’.

Wealth of deadly weapons,
untold powers of so few…
mass murders justified,
World crises ‘on cue’…

Paranoia, lies, and Techno-spying
proliferates Global insanity.
Only LOVE will say, “ENOUGH!!!
What is THIS? Humanity!”

“Rise from your slavery
to a deity with such needs,
and all that which empowers
Fear for gains and for greed.”

“Let go of Yesterday’s gods
of vengeance, violence, and hate.
BE the Love that UPLIFTS!
BE the Hope of your Fate.”

The Universe listens.
The Heavens await.
Make THAT shift to rebirth
for a World we ALL co-create.
1980’s and October 17, 2011

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Gender Justice

Tears on a Rose

(Gender Justice Rebirthed-  my digital music composition)


Inspired to say

what’s clear and true,

may you see now

what I see too.

Your fear enslaves me.

Your fear denies me

Basic Human Rights.

God values me

no less than you.

Your love frees me.

Your love

ensures me

Basic Human Rights.

God blesses me

no less than you.

The truth is

The truth is

we’re all


we’re all


We are Spirit.

We are Energy beings.

We are Divine Creations

of our Creator,

Life Itself,

experiencing Itself,

re-cycling, re-birthing,

re-newing, re-balancing,

re-evolving Itself in constant


…God is…Life…


June 2011


(The oppression, repression, and supression of Women

by any Culture, any Religion, or any Political System under

the pretext of `protection, or `security`is clearly seen by

intelligent Humans as a blatantly unholy, denigrating prejudice, and

unjust discrimination by fearful Men and fearfully compliant

Women in any century, including our own. It is simply a Freedom

denying Power and Control issue that any highly evolved and highly

intelligent Civilization would not create.Where there is a will there is a way.)


Gender Justice